Milind Soman: Running the Distance

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“Are you doing this for world peace? Are you doing this for the homeless? Are you running for women’s rights? Why are you doing this?”

“I just felt like running”

— Forrest Gump



All of us are conditioned to find a purpose in life, a reason for existence. Even the seemingly mundane things have a purpose. So why is it that we would run? And run a Marathon at that? With the imminent Airtel Delhi Marathon & the Pinkathon to be held in Pune and Mumbai, I am seeking to answer not just this question, but also the questions sought by scores of people searching for guides on “How to run a marathon”.

In our quest, we look for help from the man synonymous to being fit-Milind Soman. He has exemplified many a titles. From being a supermodel to the Iron Man, to championing the cause of fitness.  It is understandable why he is an apposite companion to run the distance and figure out not just the looming question, but also to educate us on the way forward.



Milind Soman Speaks..

Enjoy the run!

Much like life, everything comes easy to us once we enjoy what we do. Why would you want to get up and go to work every day of your life without a purpose, that makes you feel you are working too hard? Why would you want to run if you persistently feel that it is hard? It is not a competition with anyone, it is something that you are doing for yourself. So might as well enjoy the run!



Why would you run?

Have an honest reason. The objective has to drive you enough to make this a sustainable activity rather than a one time goal. Some people run to lose weight, others run to improve their fitness, some just run for the fun of doing an activity with friends and some to achieve a sense of achievement. It helps in weight loss and achieving fitness if you are consistent and patient with it. It is also a community activity. You never run alone in a marathon. Faces pass by, conversations are made, unsaid companions extend support and you realize that you are not alone in your objective.

The only reason you shouldn’t run for is to compete, until you are  absolutely conditioned & ready. The mind moves faster than our legs and you tend to push yourself too hard. This can lead to some serious injuries, which is completely avoidable once you have the right objective.



Train right

The average age at which one runs a marathon is 30-35 years. A significant 20 years of your life have been spent in no real efforts to improve your fitness. You can’t just get up one fine day and run a marathon. It is a gradual and a consistent process. The very words in this sentence would weigh on anyone but once you get past this initial turmoil, it is a joy.

Training programs are governed by two questions- How fast can you run and how long can you run? When I started training for Marathons I used to run shorter distances, distances I was comfortable with. Begin with a stroll. Move on to a jog, and then increase your distances as you grow comfortable with counting more Kilometers.  The distance should make you feel energized, not exhausted.

Breathe normally while you run. If you are panting, you can reduce your pace & just walk.



Keep at it

If you have started, that’s not where it stops. Continuity is the key to be able to run a marathon or ten after that. And much like having the right kind of diet, running is a choice of lifestyle.

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