Mango Recipes That You Have to Try This Summer

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Summer is back with a bang and the only respite from this awful weather, is the thought of the mango bounty that’s coming our way! Yay for sweet and tangy Safedas, fragrant Kesaris and the deliciously succulent Alphonsos. We are so lucky that India is a treasure trove of mango laden goodness. While we love our mangoes just as they are, cut up or eaten straight off the skin, here’s a bunch of easy recipes you can try out while mangos are in plenty:

Mango Salsa


Add a pop of juicy sweetness to your regular salsa – simply combine chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, chillis, cilantro and of course mango! Season with salt and pepper and a bit of lemon juice and you’ve got yourself a deliciously refreshing sweet, tangy, spicy flavour bomb!

Mango Coconut Smoothie


I’m already going mmmmmm-ango at the thought of this breakfast treat. Blend chopped mangoes with coconut milk, fresh mint, chia seeds, honey and ice until smooth. If you prefer a smoothie with slightly more body, throw in a handful of oats while blending.

Mango Cream Cheese Pudding


Combine mango puree with cream cheese and a bit of honey or powdered sugar if you want it sweeter. Pop it into the fridge and leave to chill in mini ramekins or small bowls for a few hours. When serving, simply top with a generous helping of chopped mango and toasted almonds for crunch.

Aam Panna


My grandma always claimed this was the best cure for a heatstroke and I couldn’t agree more. Boil green mangoes till soft and the skin is slightly discoloured. When cool, squeeze the mango pulp out and mix with cumin, black salt, mint and sugar to taste. Dilute with water and serve chilled

Aam Ras


My mum swears by Alphonso mangoes for this recipe – she claims the Alphonso is the only mango that can pack such a punch! But feel free to use a mango of your choice – blend chopped mangos to a nice, creamy puree. Add crushed saffron strands and some cardamom powder and stir well. Leave to chill and serve with hot puris or just slurp it up plain! A word of caution – make LOTS! You’re definitely going to want multiple helpings!

Mango Lassi Popsicles

Blend mangoes with yogurt and a few strands of saffron till you get a smooth, creamy mix. Pour into popsicle moulds and sprinkle crushed pistachios and cashews to the base of the popsicle. Leave to set in the freezer and enjoy your mango-licious popsicles in a couple of hours.

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Mango Chicken Stir Fry


Marinade two chicken breasts with paprika,salt, lime juice and olive oil and leave aside for a couple of hours. Sautee chopped onions, red peppers and garlic and add in the chopped chicken breast. Stir till the chicken changes colour and then pop in a cup of diced mango. Throw in generous handfuls of mint and coriander right at the end and leave to simmer for a minute. What I love most about this dish, is that it’s such a riot of colour! Eat with a side of noodles or in a taco shell and come back for second, third and fourth helpings!

If you have any fun ideas on how to incorporate the King of Fruits into your regular meals, share them in the comments below!

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