How to Exfoliate Your Skin for the Perfect Wax!

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Contrary to belief, hair removal is not a development of the modern world. A thriving industry in itself that is in demand from the male and female strata of the society alike, hair removal is as ancient a technique as the cavemen. Removing hair gave pests less spaces to hide in the body and during the time of the war , one less space to hold onto in a combat. Over the period of time, the process of removing the hair from the body has become less painful relatively. While the Egyptians resorted to removing hair with a sticky beeswax paste and yanked it off with a cloth. We now have a large variety of waxes that give additional benefits to the skin, apart from removing the hair.

All things said, waxing as a process is still cringe worthy. Having a soft hairless skin needn’t be a painful experience. There are many ways which can prepare your skin in a way that minimises the pain. Of the many suggestions, skin exfoliation is one of the popular choices. Learn to make your own scrub at home and all about exfoliation.


What is exfoliation?

In simple words, exfoliation is a process of removing oldest dead skin cells or the outer layer of the skin. It is not only beneficial for waxing but also for facials and spas. Chemical and mechanical methods are involved in skin exfoliation. While waxing is in itself a mechanical exfoliation technique, it is extremely beneficial to prep the skin before actually undergoing the process of waxing. Here’s why:

Benefits of exfoliation

  1. It is the best way to prevent ingrown hair and bumps – before and after waxing. Even if you wax regularly, it is not enough to prevent ingrown hair and exfoliation helps.
  2. It is a great way to rejuvenate and renew your skin
  3. It helps the wax grab the hair instead of the skin.
  4. A gentle exfoliation can reduce the pain during the process of waxing.
  5. It helps in getting a youthful and a brighter skin.
  6. The texture of the skin improves making it softer. It is the easiest way to revive dry, dull skin.
  7. Exfoliation also helps in getting a closer shave.
  8. It helps even out the skin tone.
  9. It helps skin care products penetrate deeper and be more effective.
  10. For those who want the perfect tanned look, exfoliation helps in achieving that better.


Other ways to prepare your skin

Apart from exfoliation, there are other ways to prepare your skin before waxing. These are:

  1. Heal your skin – Check your skin for any inflammations or breaks. They need to heal before you wax.
  2. Longer the hair, better – Let your hair grow so the wax has a better grip on your hair. When it is too short, the wax can’t pick it up well enough to remove it.
  3. Moisturise – Moisturise your skin on the days leading to the appointment, instead of on the day of your appointment. Healthy skin allows the wax to release more easily. Avoid moisturising on the day of the appointment so it doesn’t interfere with the process.
  4. Time of the appointment – Avoid getting waxed around your periods. The skin is more sensitive around that time and it can hurt more. Instead book an appointment after you are done with them.
  5. Avoid certain products – Retinol-based creams are good for dry skin and acne and are often used. Avoid their usage as they also make skin susceptible to getting hurt during the process of waxing.

Here’s to healthy skin and a pain-free waxing from now on! And, if you need some more convenience when it comes to your beauty regime, why not pamper yourself by getting all your parlour services at home?

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