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1. What is the Gourmet Kitchen & Studio all about? What is good food according to you?
Gourmet Kitchen & Studio is a modern vegetarian global food catering outfit, which apart from providing delicious food also provides professional service & great looking crockery cutlery ensuring your event is something to remember!
Good food is something which satisfies all five senses, is appealing to the eye, smells inviting, tastes delicious, even has a nice sound to it and feels good on touch.
Gourmet Kitchen & Studio is well known for its fusion and twisted menus, like, Pav Bhaji Stuffed in Puff Pastry Cones, Mung Daal Chillas with Olive Tepennade & Spicy Mango Dressing,  Daal Pakwaan Canapes , Paan Mousse, Kopra Paak & Dark Chocolate Gateaux an so on.
3. What led you to cater for weddings?
A wedding is an event that is celebrated and talked about for years to come. Everybody wants their wedding day to be special and memorable and delicious food is something which everyone remembers a wedding by and we’re here to give the couple that!
4. What is your take on making the most of one’s wedding menu?
Focusing on rustic, wholesome and non-fussy food, and specializing in fewer cuisines is the way to go. The goal should be satisfying the palette rather than providing a huge variety of food (which only leaves everyone confused and unfulfilled) . Keep it simple, keep it classy , keep it non-ostentatious. Also, the secret to winning your guests’ hearts (and stomachs) while limiting the catering budget in your wedding is keeping the menu simple, the service-ware & crockery smart & hiring professional service staff.
5. What are your personal favorites in wedding menus?
Mediterranean cuisine is something I enjoy at most wedding caterings. Some dishes that I find particularly delicious are Mezze Counters, Shawarma or Gyros done live.
So, if you’re a bride in critical need of help in planning a fairytale wedding, check out our ultimate wedding guide!
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