DIY Makeup Setting Spray – The Complete Guide

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Whether your skin is greasy or dry, it is equally tough to have your make up last long. A pancake or chapped foundation, smeared and smudged eye liner and Kajal and lipstick flowing out the lip lines doesn’t’ make a pretty picture. Make up setting sprays helps us to keep it all together from morning to night, all day long

What is it?

Just like hair sprays, makeup setting sprays are made of ingredients that will keep your makeup together for long hours. You don’t have to keep looking at the mirror to check how you look and also not worry about reapplying the makeup time and again. This not only helps you save costs by making the expensive products last longer, but also saves you the effort of redoing your entire makeup.

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How to make one yourself?

This simple DIY video teaches you how to make one for yourself. All you need is glycerine, rosewater and water, and a bottle with nozzle spray for easy use!

How do you use it?

It is as simple as using a hair spray. After you have applied all the makeup on your face, hold the bottle at an arms length and spray on your face. It needs to dry naturally and you should allow it to get absorbed on each part of your face. Step out of the house once the spray has dried. While a hair spray may work just as much, you should not use it on your face. A hair spray has alcohol as the main ingredient and a host of other things that tend to dry and dehydrate your skin.

Setting powder or setting spray?


Makeup setting powders are typically used to give your makeup the finishing look. That is, they will determine how you want that makeup to look in the end-dewy, airbrushed, glowing etc. It is not the best option for those with an oily skin and makes it worse on a hot a day. It will not help in preventing smearing and will make your skin look even more oily.

Setting sprays on the other end, are meant only for one purpose- to make your look last. A combination of both will help your makeup not only last long but will give you the desired look.

Top brands in the market


Typically, you should spend on a brand after you have determined which will best suit your skin type. Buying any cosmetic product for that matter should be considered after a due diligence of your skin type. Dry, oily or a mix of both.

If you do not have the patience to make your own spray, here are some brands that you can look at. With their decent SPF count, these also acts as sun shielders: (Source:Stylecraze)

  • Urban Decay
  • Elf Studio makeup mist and set
  • MAC
  • Kryolan dermacolor
  • Clinique moisture surge
  • Colorbar skin stay
  • NYX makeup setting spray

If you are spending hours on yourself, getting the perfect makeup, you should make sure your efforts last long for more adulation. Book a party makeup artist from Urban Company to get the perfect look that lasts as long as you want!


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