Daily DIY Health: Chicken Soup for the Healthy Soul – An Easy Recipe

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Before chicken soup was for the soul-teenage, unsinkable or otherwise, it was used by mothers as a best known remedy for colds and to treat physical maladies. Chicken soup brings with it warm memories of being surrounded by a mountain of blankets while your loved one puts you to sleep. What is it about this soup that makes it a great remedy for ailments generation after generation?

With the monsoon and the cold in the near future, this soup acts as a panacea of ailments to come. Some of the benefits are:


  1. Common for curing the cold – Specifically chicken soup has been known as the best cure for the common cold. It affects the air flow and and movement of nasal mucus. This helps ease congestion.
  2. Several researches conducted by many publications over the years shows the helpful compounds it contains. Carnosine, found in chicken soup– helps the body’s immune system to fight the early stages of flu.
  3. It also inhibits the movement of neutrophils (the most common type of white blood cell) which helps defend infection.
  4. The lean protein in chicken and the nutrients in added vegetables help in strengthening the body. Organosulfides that naturally occur in onions and garlic, stimulate production of immune cells. Onions also have the benefits of anti oxidants that reduce inflammation and act as an anti-histamine.
  5. Chicken soup also acts as the best disinfectant. It is fairly salty and hot and hence is the same as gargling with salt water. In other words, it helps remove bacteria from the throat, mouth and tonsils.

With so many benefits of the wonder soup, its healing properties are not just an old wives tale. With all the physical benefits come the psychological one, that is being served the hot broth by a loving member of the family while you curl up comfortably on the bed. The chicken soup is not just for the healthy soul but also for the healthy mind.

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