Are You Becoming Healthy for The Wrong Reasons?

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Health. Fitness. These are probably the most discussed and critiqued issues online. Each and every aspect of a healthy lifestyle has been dissected and examined under the eyes of a million experts. Seeing that so much information, correct or incorrect, is already available in the blink of an eye, we thought we’d discuss something different – an equally important, albeit contrasting, idea. Are you becoming healthy for the wrong reasons?

Why should you not be healthy? What are the wrong reasons, if any, for going down the path to fitness?

Stumped? Feel like an apple just scored a direct hit on your head? Well, then, like Newton, it should make you more receptive to this notion. So, let’s begin!

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1) Your body is your wonderland.


And hence, health is solely your decision. Trying to run on a treadmill, will literally be an uphill battle, if, the source of your motivation is someone else. Peer, family or societal pressure might make you feel fat but trust us, no amount of exercising will take this feeling away unless you do it for yourself. And who’s to say that their definition of fat is even realistic?

Remember, nothing beats self-motivation – if you’re doing this to meet someone else’s ideals of a health, stop right now! This is not the solution. You’ll probably end up resenting both yourself and this person.

2) Health is not a guarantee of love.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle will not make someone love you more. If they weren’t willing to do so when you weren’t at your best, means, they aren’t capable of loving you as you deserve. Remember, for better or for worse, right?

As Shubhra, a relationship counsellor at Urban Company says, “Being in a loving relationship should make you happy and healthy, not the other way around. Obesity and ill-health will not drive your partner away, rather a true partner would stay to help you deal with the issues to the best extent possible.”

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3) Healthy is not always fun.


Yes, it’s true. Becoming healthy will not mean you can eat anything you desire. Remember that mouthwatering chocolate fondue you were salivating for? It won’t fit in with a healthy lifestyle. Or that Belgian chocolate truffle. Remember those mornings wrought with the agony of exercise when you could have enjoyed an extra hour of blissful slumber? And for what? Only to burn that slice of extra cheesy pizza? Everything extra in your diet literally translates to extra exercise. And don’t forget, you’ll probably end up alienating most of the Indian dishes from your diet. What can we say? Gulab jamuns are simply a class above low carb cookies. And don’t even get us started on desi diets.

Our suggestion? Become healthy to indulge occasionally in delicious treats. As Tripti, a dietician at Urban Company says – “instead of exercising to eat whatever you want, think of it as a way to support your healthy lifestyle by boosting your health and happiness – not trying to outsmart a bad diet. “

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4) It’s not sustainable.

You might say that as long as I’m getting fit, how does it matter what are the reasons driving me? Well, begging your pardon, but it does matter. It matters because if you’re doing this for someone else, then depending on the tone of your relationship with that person at the moment, the nature of your efforts will also vary. And as they say, the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long term is to stay consistent in your habits. Bottom-line, do it for yourself and not for your family, peers, the society, love or anything else.


The above being said, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. If you are signing up for the ultimate sacrifice, do it in a way guaranteed to give you great results. Take the advice of an expert. And we make it simple, here at Urban Company. Gear up for a steady stream of options to choose from and get healthy. For the right reasons, of course.


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