8 Best Winter Spa Treatments To Warm You Up

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Winter is the time to pamper yourself. While you get respite from the heat and dust, you have to deal with the dry skin, brittle hair and rough feet. It is therefore the best time to try some nourishing and relaxing spa treatments.

Best spa treatments for winter

Let us take a look at some of the best winter spa treatments you can go for this season:

1. Hot chocolate massage

There is something wonderfully enticing about chocolate that draws everyone to it. Which is why hot chocolate oil massage is a perfect spa option for winters. Carried out using traditional Mexican herbal compresses along with chocolate, this spa treatment leaves you feeling rejuvenated. It works well to relieve muscular cramps and improve body’s blood circulation, thereby giving you a glowing skin. It elevates your mood too.


2. Abhayanga Therapy

This is a spa treatment that is truly an Indian specialty. It not only rejuvenates your skin, it works to remove ailments from your body too. The massage is administered by skilled Ayurvedic professionals who select medicated essential oils to address any ailment that may be troubling you or any ailments that crop during winters. It is one of the most effective and relaxing spa treatments that you could consider getting this winter.


3. Pumpkin Nectar Face And Neck Massage

Pumpkin seems to be a hot favourite this winter. We see many spa treatments infusing the mighty pumpkin in them. A pumpkin nectar face and neck massage is therefore quite suited for a winter spa indulgence. Pumpkin enzymes are combined with beta carotene and mineral salts and gently massaged into your face and neck. The ingredients work together to balance out the natural oils of your facial skin, helping it to stay naturally moisturised in winter.


4. Pizzichilli


This spa treatment seems to be tailor made for winters. Throughout the treatment, medicated essential oils, in a heated form, are poured over your body. This helps remove all the impurities from your skin, relieves the muscular and joint stiffness that winter brings along and leaves your skin soft and supple. Pizzichilli can be done at home, but ensure you mix the right oils and maintain the correct temperature to get the best results.


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5. Cinnamon Honey Body Scrub


People swear by this favourite winter spa treatment. Cinnamon and honey work well to remove dry, dead skin cells from your body. The scrub also provides your skin the much-needed nourishment that gets lost in the cold, dry weather. This is one of the simpler beauty treatments and ideal for a spa at home.


6. The Shuddi Spice Bath

Offered at some of the most premium Ayurvedic spas, the Shuddi Spice Bath is an indulgent, relaxing and highly beneficial spa treatment. This treatment combines some traditional Indian spices such as cardamom and cinnamon, along with some Ayurvedic herbs. This leads to the pores of the skin opening up and consequently you are left with a glowing skin. It warms you up and is perfect for winters. The prices for this spa therapy are slightly on the higher side, but if you really want a wonderful winter spa therapy, this is the one for you.


7.Almond And Hot Milk Pedicure

Lactic acid in milk works to remove the roughness from your feet. It also targets nerve ends and a soothing massage alongside help relieve the tension from the tips. The treatment is completed with a deep almond oil foot massage. Almond oil is one of the best natural moisturisers that transform your rough, dry and tired feet into something that is truly nourished and beautiful.


8.Butter Head Massage

Keeping your hair soft and nourished in winter can be a challenge. If you are looking for a spa treatment to keep your mane shiny and strong, opt for the butter head massage. The natural oils in butter replenish lost moisture and balance the natural oils of the scalp. This is an easy home treatment. All you have to do is rub some butter generously onto your scalp and cover it with a shower cap. Wait for at least half an hour and then use a mild shampoo to rinse off the grease.


The spa treatments mentioned here are very popular and ideal for the winter season. Winter is a harsh weather which is why focusing skin care and hair care become important. The weather also makes you feel stiff and puts you off-colour at times. To restore the health of your skin as well as your muscles and joints, opt for the best spa treatments that will leave you feeling nourished and beautiful, inside out.


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      Thanks for sharing your feedback. Until the time we launch these specific massage at home treatments, I suggest you try the following massages that we currently offer (each available for 60 mins or 90 mins session):

      1. Aromatherapy massage
      2. Swedish massage
      3. Thai massage
      4. Deep tissue massage
      5. Body scrub massage

      You will love them, trust us 🙂

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