7 Natural Ways to Detoxify Your Body

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Well begun is half done

Before you go on any kind of a diet plan to get to your new year resolutions, start with a detox. The precursor to the new year had me throw and attend a lot of parties. In the revelry, all the resolutions to curb the diet and the timely meals went for a toss. This is when the thought of detoxifying my body crossed my mind and what better than to take notes from the experts right where I work.

The process of detoxification is all about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. It not only helps you renew your body to optimum health but also helps in preparing your body for vigorous exercise routines. We are aware of the usual things that help us in detoxification- green tea or a mix of honey and lemon in warm water. While it is a good practice in the lifestyle that most of us lead, it is not enough.

Here are simple ways you can detox your body and begin a healthy year:

1.Fast for a day in a week

One day fasts have become popular these days and rightly so. There are many benefits to it. While a water fast once a week water helps, it is also difficult to abide by. Go easy on your stomach with generous amounts of vegetable and fruit salads and fresh juices. Cut on coffee and tea and have a cup of green tea as an alternate. A once a week fast may not completely detoxify your body but it is indeed a good start!

2.Replace a meal with a drink

Breakfast is an important meal and dinner is something that you can skip. But often plans with family and friends are made for dinner and that is one meal that becomes difficult to skip. If you can’t skip dinner, skip your lunch. Rather than no intake of food (or drinks), have something that does fill your stomach and is an excellent detoxifying agent. Here are some yummy recipes!

Lemon & ginger detox water

Apple & cinnamon detox water

3.Sweat it out

Having an exercise routine is extremely important. If you are not a gym junkie, a run a day or even a walk for a couple of kilometers, or yoga at least an hour a day, will help. If you have  a hectic work schedule there are simple workouts that you can do which do not take much time. Check them out. An alternative is to also take the stairs when your office (or home) is at a higher floor.

4.Get an intense massage


Yes, you read it right. Giving your body enough rest is also as important as stretching it out. A relaxing and intense spa can give your body the relaxation and the detoxification it would need. A good spa involves usage of ingredients that help the body to replenish, revitalize and of course relax.

5.Get enough sleep

Early to bed early to rise is a lesson that all of us would like to follow. Alas, it is something that most of us are unable to. No matter when you sleep and when you get up, make sure you have at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. Catching up on your sleep on a holiday is like eating one day for the whole week. Doesn’t make sense right? Get your sleep everyday for the simplest way to detoxify.

6.Include super-foods and more fiber

Super foods contain important nutrients and anti oxidants. It helps in fighting harmful toxins that compromise the immune system of our body. Try and include one (or more) of these super foods in your diet:


  1. Nuts & dry fruit like walnuts and almonds
  2. Fish- Tuna and salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  3. Avocado
  4. Olive oil
  5. Flax seeds
  6. Fruits like blueberry, tomatoes, raspberries, apples and oranges
  7. Vegetables like eggplant, carrots, spinach and sweet potato

Not only is fiber a vital part of the diet but it also contributes in weight loss and in cleansing your body. Our digestive tract have the tendency to hold on to substances which can be preservatives from the food that we have had or even toxins. With the right amount of fiber, you don’t feel boated or weighed down.

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7.Combat illness with home remedies

Instead of loading your body with antibiotics every time you have a headache or catch a cold, try to heal things with the help of natural ways. Natural herbs and plants, ginger clove concoctions or even just a clove of garlic are wonder ingredients in curing ailments.

We hope these ways are simple enough to detoxify and get on with your resolutions to lead a healthy and a hearty new year. If you need help, Urban Company experts are always a click away!


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