6 Super Simple Steps To Go From Flab to Fit This Winter

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Every winter it seems like all those grand plans to get that fabulous figure go out the window, and into the fog. Between all the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties that you attend, and the chilly mornings when you can’t even imagine being parted from your blanket, it can be really tough to stay in shape during the winters. That’s why it’s important to follow some simple steps that’ll ensure you don’t pile on the pounds this season!

1. Set up an exercise routine

This is the one way you can ensure that your metabolism doesn’t suffer. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym- you can take a brisk walk for 30 minutes each day, or take the stairs at work. You can also opt to cycle, practice yoga, dance- the possibilities are endless – it’s all about your will, if you’re ready to work for it, you can even do exercises at home that’ll help you stay in form like a star!

2. Don’t hit the town on an empty stomach

Make it a point to never go partying when you’re hungry; you’re much more likely to pile up your plate. Don’t skip lunch in anticipation of the spread at the party; make sure you eat regular meals and instead take smaller portions at the party. We know it’s pretty hard to resist the call of the party delicacies, but, having small portions of a high fiber diet can work wonders for your health.


3. Hydrate yourself

Not only will this be useful because it’ll stop you from bingeing late; drinking water regularly will also help you detox and cut down the effect of all that salt and spice that comes with the party snacks. And nothing works as well as a detox diet to hydrate your skin and keep your youthful loveliness intact!

4. Cut down the drinks

Alcohol slows down your metabolism. When you drink, your body immediately puts its fat burning on hold and starts to metabolise the alcohol to get rid of it from the body. And then, because your liver stops metabolizing all that fat, where else will it go except to your hips? This ‘build up’ only happens in the presence of excess calories – so, take note & drink responsibly. Remember, all those excruciating hours spent in following a low calorie diet plan go out the window when you imbibe too much alcohol. 

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5. Don’t skip the Soups

It’s alright to give those starters a miss, but don’t give up the soups! Not only are soups a good way to make sure you’re getting your daily requirement vegetables, they’re low calorie foods, non-fattening, contain lots of fiber, and are highly nutritious as well as delicious. Make soups your staple in winter – pumpkin, mushroom, tomato, and clear chicken are some great options! Also, as we keep saying – a high fiber diet is your way to fitness in the long term!

6.  Practice damage control

Indulgence is not a sin. But if you’re eating more than your body needs at the time, it will show up on the weighing scale. Make up for it by following a low fat diet plan for a few days and adding extra exercise to your routine- and, of course, try not to do it too often!

Contributed by Tripti Tandon, Founder & Chief Nutritionist – ‘Tripti’s Wellness 1’ & ‘I Eat Right’. Expert in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Child Obesity, Weight Loss management for Men & Women, Karmic and Self Healing. She’s one of the most popular experts on UrbanClap. 
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