5 Yoga Poses to Help Lose Your Belly Fat

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A polite voice greets me at the other end, explaining the directions to her studio. The moment I step into Rashmi Govil’s house, it has a calming effect. The serenity of the designs, the greenery and the relics outside her house contribute to the overall atmosphere and I for one know that this is what yoga is about.


Yoga is not just about attaining physical fitness but also achieving mental peace. Every asana has a specific purpose and Rashmi follows a routine that fulfils everyone’s goals. She says, “I talk to people about what their goals are if they have decided to practice yoga. Some people have fitness goals, some want to lose weight while some need to develop better concentration. Yoga has something for everyone.”


Indeed and it is reflective from what her students have to say. Rnjai Lamba has been practicing yoga and learning the skills from Rashmi for the past 9 months. He shares his experience “Generally yoga teachers stick to a time bound routine but with Rashmi the classes are always more than one hour. She doesn’t rush you and lets you take your time. The regular practice has helped me control my stress and manage work more effectively.”


Anshika Mittal who’s purpose was to lose weight shares, “I lost 8 Kgs in two months! Rashmi’s classes are not just about the yoga, its an all round experience. The perfect ambiance, the spacious and well designed studio and a special powder room where I can just change and head to work after a class.”

Rashmi’s yoga studio is called ‘Yoga with Suhasini’, which is her spiritual name. She explains, “My guru gave me that name as he used to say I have a smiling countenance. That is what I hope to achieve for others as well. Their inner smile should be reflected on their faces which can only be achieved with a stress free mind.”


With help from Rashmi, we have compiled a list of 5 asanas that specifically help you lose your belly fat. In addition to that, they also have other benefits. Let’s learn about all their benefits:

  1. Suryanamaskar – The name literally translates to sun salutation and comprises a sequence of 12 asanas. Just one round of Suryanamaskar helps you burn about 14 calories. ItĀ helps in strengthening muscles and joints, gives you a glowing skin, helps cope with insomnia and helps in better digestion. It also helps in keeping anxiety at bay and brings down your sugar levels.
  2. Dhanurasan – Apart from helping you get that perfect stomach, this also helps in toning the leg and arm muscles. It is also a great stress buster and helps you correct your posture. People who have kidney disorders should practice Dhanurasan for comfort. It also helps in easing the menstrual pain.
  3. Chakrasan – It helps in strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. It also strengthens other organs like reproductive, digestive and excretory system.
  4. Naukasan -There are two ways of doing naukasan or the boat pose. This is the perfect exercise to lose the belly fat and also helps strengthen the abdominal, thigh and leg muscles.
  5. Sarvanagasan- ‘Sarva’ means entire, ‘Anga’ means body and ‘Asana’ means posture. In other words sarvanagasan is one of the few yoga postures that help the entire body, from head to toe. Its benefits include a healthy heart, prevents thyroid problems, reduces hypertension and headache, relieves constipation and stomach ulcer and is beneficial for asthmatic patients.

We do think you can do this on your own at home, however it is always advisable to learn from an instructor one on one. We hope you achieve your fitness goals with Urban Company.


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