4 Reasons Why Restricting Your Diet is a Bad Idea

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There are many diet plans that are doing the rounds. Sometimes we see our friends losing weight because of a particular diet plan and start to follow the same, without realizing that it may not really work for us. While we are in a hurry to lose that belly weight or have perfect washboard abs, following the wrong restrictive diet program may have dangerous repercussions too. Losing weight using a restrictive diet program is not effective in the long run – most dieters gain back their weight and may even gain more. Not to forget, that it may be hazardous to health.

Our expert dieticians put forward the many dangers of following a restrictive diet plan

A weight loss plan that makes you gain! 

If a certain food group is avoided, there can be a gap in the nutrition that the dieter is taking in, and this will create a deficiency in the long run. Nutrient deficiency is one of the main causes of cravings, which of course can lead to binging and weight gain.


Slow metabolism

Our body has the tendency to adjust itself to fulfill its minimum requirements. During a ‘crash diet’ If calorie intake is restricted, the body will slow down metabolism. When the diet program is finally over, our food intake goes back to normal. The slow metabolic rate of the body continues and hence does not burn the calories effectively. As a result, the dieter will gain the weight back just by eating the normal amount.


Health implications

Restricted caloric intake affects metabolism and can have an impact on thyroid function, and can potentially lead to hypothyroidism. If body fat level drops too low, it can lead to irregular period (or absence of period altogether). This is caused by low estrogen level – which can also lead to osteoporosis.


Economic & social implications

Restrictive diets are not sustainable. It can be alienating, and have an impact on the dieter’s social life. Sometimes these protocols require supplements because certain foods are eliminated, and supplements can be expensive. On the other hand, a balanced lifestyle that includes a variety of wholesome foods is sustainable, and is the best way to combat cravings (cravings often lead to weight gain). A few dietary and lifestyle changes can lead to pleasurable and effortless weight loss that can bring you a lifetime of benefits.


If you are convinced that a restrictive diet will never really work for anyone, we are here to tell you some easy ways to lose weight. 

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