Car Cleaning At Home – Top 10 Hacks!

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A car is more than just a vehicle. it’s our friend in need and a companion with speed! We spend a lot of time traveling in our cars and hence, it’s important to take care of this essential commodity. For a lot of us, we have a sentimental attachment to our cars. A few hacks can go a long way to ensure that your car is in a very good condition for years to come. Car cleaning does not have to be an expensive task with special equipment and chemicals. You can easily wash it yourself with products you use in your daily life.

Here are some DIY car cleaning hacks using which you can clean your car without investing many efforts.

1. Toothbrush:

cleaning car with toothbrush As rightly advertised, a toothbrush can reach the deep corners of your mouth which are otherwise impossible to be cleaned. Similarly, the vents and the knobs of your car can be cleaned using a toothbrush too. it helps remove all the grime from your car. A great cleaning tool for getting the rooted dirt out, it can clean the gunk and crumbs hidden in the dashboard and the unreachable spaces between the seats. Just make sure you use an old toothbrush!

2. Olive oil:

olive oil to clean car Using olive oil is a great way to clean the dashboard and the leather seats of your car. To get a shiny feel you just need to apply a little drop on the dashboard and wipe it away with a clean cloth.

 3. Toothpaste: toothpaste to clean car Just like the toothbrush a toothpaste also has amazing cleaning properties. An important D.I.Y. product which is not only good for your teeth but also your grubby headlights. For a spotless headlight just apply a little on your headlights, let it stay there for a while and wipe it off with water and a clean cloth. The after effects will leave your car’s headlights new and you in awe.

 4. Vinegar: vinegar for cleaning car Many car cleaning tips are based on natural products, one such product is a solution of water and vinegar – put this in a spray bottle and spray around the metal parts and wipe it clean with a clean cotton cloth. This will help you get rid of the filth in the chrome wheels and you don’t even have to worry if you over applied it.

 5. Washing machines for the mats:

Washing the car mats often becomes difficult. In this situation just put some stain remover and washing powder into the washing machine and get them spinning in the washing machine. The stains will come out without any efforts.

 6. Baking Soda: baking soda for cleaning

In case you have an issue of bad odor in your car, do not opt for harsh chemicals. Just mix some baking soda and essential oils in a jar and poke holes in it. Keep it in the car for a while and your car will start smelling fresh.

 7. Alcohol: alcohol used for cleaning If your windshield wipers need a good cleaning, rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the rubber part of the wiper blades and experience a smooth run of the wipers.

8. Foam Paint Brush for Dusting: foam paint brush Dust is inevitable and difficult to remove, building up especially in areas that cannot be cleaned easily. A great way to clean your AC vents, just use a foam paint brush and a vacuum cleaner and clear away excess dust.

9. Screwdriver and cloth: screw driver and cloth One of the best car cleaning tips, Once you are done cleaning the visible dust and dirt in your car just take an old screwdriver that has a dull and thin end, put a piece of cloth over it and use it to clean any small nooks and crannies in your car

10. Conditioner: conditioner for car cleaning If you have a lanolin hair conditioner, you can use some of it for a shining new car. Just spread some of it on a cloth and then wipe down the outside of your car with it. With these amazing DIY hacks handy, you can clean your car in a jiffy. Also, if you require a deeper and a more thorough cleaning, then you can easily avail car cleaning services from Urban Company to make your work so much easier.


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