7 Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas for Your Little One

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Birthday party Birthdays are always enjoyable! What better way than celebrating the day with lots of fun and frolic. Beautiful decorations and themes are a great way to throw a birthday party for the little guest of honor. There are so many great ideas to make the special day of your child a memorable one.

Though you can always come up with innovative ideas for your kid’s birthday party but sometimes executing them is difficult. Being a parent, you would not want to disappoint your child on their favourite day. This article focusses on some interesting themes and ideas you can implement for the birthday party.  You can also choose from the best party planners in town with Urban Company.

Top 7 Birthday Party Themes

So, to begin with, you can think of a quirky theme for the birthday party. For boys, you can go for a theme based on their favourite superhero character and for the little girl you can create a dreamy princess island or a fairy tale themed décor. You can also opt for floral décor, decorations using balloons and other interesting stuff.

Read on to find out more about some amazing invitation ideas and themes you can opt for the party.

1. Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt You can create a story for the kids about a valuable treasure that could never be found, and then put some clues in various items that would eventually lead them to the treasure. This theme-based party is an activity in itself. You could design the décor in a pirate theme. Use black flags and shipwreck as party decorations, use old bottles of rum to fill it with fruit punch, just to add that extra drama. For the Treasure Hunt birthday theme, you can design your kid’s birthday invitation card as a treasure map that leads to your home. Alternatively, you can also design the birthday party invite as such that it has a treasure map, which falls within the confines of your home or the party destination. The map can also show a hidden treasure (could be a special birthday return gift) that the kids have to find. For a pirate theme, put a scroll of paper that has the invitation and party details on it, in a glass bottle and send it to the invitees.

The cake can be ordered on similar lines.

2. Going to the Movies

movie for kids This movie-based birthday party theme is one where the possibilities for activities, decoration and birthday party invitation ideas are endless. Pick your kid’s favourite movie (Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Harry Potter, The minions, to name a few) and base your entire party around it; or keep a general cinema theme and decorate the place like a theatre, show a movie, play charades, etc. You could easily place a bunch of chairs to resemble a theatre’s seating plan. Add bowls of popcorns in your menu for that amazing theatre-like experience. For movie-based birthday invitation cards, you can print invitation tickets that have the names of your kid’s friends on them. To spruce the vibe, you can print their names on hats and water bottles as well.

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3. Art and Origami

art and painting This birthday party idea can leave your place in a mess but your child will surely enjoy splashing around a lot of colours and creating wonderful paper items! You could opt for a simple decoration and spend a little amount on buying art supplies and creative papers for the birthday party activities. You could pick anything between crayons and paints. Let the creativity and the fun flow. Get a rainbow cake to stick to the essence of the theme. In this kind of party, you can let the kids experiment with colours and various mediums and for those who like the craft part more, you can hand them the creative papers. You can choose from regular art supplies to oil and pastel colours.

origami For this birthday party’s invitation, you could simply send an invitation card along with a few art supplies as tokens, inviting your child’s friends for this colourful extravaganza.

4. Set up a Dance Floor!

dance party Kids love dancing to their favourite numbers. There are many birthday invitation ideas when it comes to a dance party for kids. You can use blank CDs as invitation cards. You can use markers to write the name of the invitees on the CDs or use printed stickers that have information regarding the party. You can also be creative with the CD invitations by cutting cardboards that look like CDs or old records. You can ask your child’s friends to bring along a t-shirt with the same colour, and decorate them at the party with glitter and other funky and colourful materials; they could decorate it according to their tastes with band names or album art.

5. Superhero Themed Party

superman themed party Kids love their superheroes. You can ask your kid’s friends to dress up as their favourite hero like Flash, Iron Man, Ant Man, Superman, Spider Man, for the birthday party. For invitation cards, you can use superhero eye masks and ask them to wear those for the party. There can be many birthday party activities for the kids to enjoy. You can arrange a game where the kids are divided into two groups of superheroes and villains, or you can set up an obstacle course where the superheroes have to compete against each other. You can fill your backyard with various boxes and small slides and make them go through the hurdles.

6. The World of Fairies

princess themed party

The fairy-tale theme is a hit with the girls. You can create a magical space using this idea for your kid’s birthday party. For invitation cards, you can make some archaic looking ones, which look like parchments by burning the edges with a candle and painting it with coffee; then write the invitations with an ink pen; tie it up as a scroll with a ribbon. You can decorate the house like a castle with cardboard swords, and with potted plants that simulate a forest. You can ask your child’s friends to come with their party dresses and then put fairy wings on them.

birthday decorations You can pick the central theme of the birthday party from many fairy tales or just one. For example, if the party’s theme is based on Cinderella, the piñata could be the shape of the bad stepmother; and you can ask your child’s friends to dress up in pretty dresses.

7. The Jungle Party

outdoor birthday party For this theme-based party, you can design the invitation card of your kid’s birthday party by cutting cardboards that resemble animals. You can also draw footprints of different animals on the invitation cards. For activities, you can fill the house with big cardboard cut-outs of animals for mimicking the experience of an animal sanctuary.

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