5 Ways To Ensure Your Wardrobe Is Winter-Ready

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Winter is almost upon us. Among the many preparations you make for the chilly weather, getting your wardrobe winter-ready has to be one of the top things to do. As you air and sun your blankets, it is also a good idea to consider dry cleaning some of your clothes.

You do not need to dry clean every piece of warm clothing you have. Doing so is unnecessary and in fact, some delicate fabrics may even get damaged if you dry clean them. On the flip side, there are some materials and clothes that just cannot be washed at home. But getting your wardrobe ready for winter is about more than just washing your warm clothes.

Let us take this post to look at five ways that will ensure that your wardrobe is winter-ready.

1. Getting rid of the lint:

Lint is a common problem for clothes, but wool is particularly susceptible. It can also make your suits, jackets, and shawls look dull and dirty. Having a good-quality suit brush will help you tackle this situation more easily. It is advisable to brush out your jackets and suits after you wear them. However, in severe cases, brushing is neither efficient nor effective. At such times, it is best to send such garments to the dry cleaners, even if they are not particularly dirty. Dry cleaning helps remove the accumulated lint and the other parts of the dry cleaning process (like the steam press) will ensure that no more lint comes out anytime soon.

2. Smells Be Gone:

More likely than not, storing woolens and other warm clothes for extended periods makes them smell musty. No amount of perfume or deodorant will hide the smell. First and foremost, make sure you air your winter clothes well before wearing them. It is best not to use any of the advertised clothing deodorants that are available nowadays, at least not immediately. Natural airing will likely get rid of any odors completely. If you still think they need more treatment, you can try such a clothes deodorant but make sure you choose the appropriate spray for the type of fabric. It is generally better to get such clothes dry cleaned. Odours are the result of accumulated chemicals, bacteria and fungi that you cannot see with your naked eye. Dry cleaning removes these thoroughly and ensures you have a jacket or sweater that feels and smells fresh.

3. Bedding Blues:

Do not ignore your winter bedding. Blankets and quilts that have been locked away for months will not do you any favors when it comes to cleanliness and odors. When stored in the proximity of your winter wear, they can actually transfer the smells and make the situation worse. But washing bedding is easier said than done. Your washing machine will probably be able to handle bed sheets but you do not want to get your blankets or pillows wet, obviously. Thankfully, they can be dry cleaned quite easily. Even your thickest blanket will come back to you feeling soft, fluffy, smell-free and most importantly, clean.

4. Accessory Rescue:

You cannot afford to forget about your winter accessories. Your hats, mufflers, and gloves deserve as much attention as your suits, jackets and shawls. Air them well to remove any smells. Gently wash and dry any delicate fabrics. Clean any fur and faux-fur products very carefully. The label will usually have instructions. For the more hardy stuff, you can follow the same routine as other winter clothing. Some you can toss into the washing machine while others will need professional help for a dry cleaning service. Finally, do not forget your footwear. Even in winter, your skin secretes oils and sweat. This makes regularly washing your socks a priority. This extends to your shoes. While you obviously do not want to wash them (unless the material allows you to), be sure to air and polish them more frequently. Fungus tends to grow and show up in patches on leather in colder weather, so this is essential for all shoes. You should do the same for your belts and bags. If all else fails, remember that leather clothes can be dry cleaned too. Some dry cleaners also offer special finishing and treatments for leather jackets and boots.

5. Time is Not on Your Side:

Do not wait until the weather has already become cold to get your wardrobe winter-ready. Prepare in advance! As the season changes, you should start with the airing and washing so that you have fresh and clean clothes to wear when you need them. If you wait until a day before a wedding or a big office meeting, you will not like the answer to “how long does dry cleaning take?” If you plan ahead just a little, you can save yourself a lot of potential problems. By the way, the answer to how long does dry cleaning take will vary based on the cleaner, the type of clothes, and the number of clothes you want to get dry cleaned. Depending on these factors, it takes anywhere from one to three days for you to get back your clothes.


Winter brings relief from the heat, gives you the opportunity to cozy up next to a heater, and display your fashion sense to its fullest extent. Make the most of the season by ensuring you stay on top of getting your wardrobe winter-ready.


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