Wooden Wardrobe Designs: 9 Latest Ideas for Your Urban Indian Bedroom

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If you’ve been on the look-out for the latest designs in wooden cupboards, these 9 wooden wardrobe designs for your bedroom will surely impress you.

Wooden wardrobes have been around for decades, where the prime material used was real hardwood. But with options widening to include softwood–like those from pine trees as well as engineered wood like MDF and HDF particle boards–there’s a gamut of options out there that have a more relaxed and chic look, and fit in perfectly with your home decor.

wooden wardrobe designs

So, here are 9 modern wooden wardrobe designs that are trendy, spacious and functional.

1. Cool-Shaded & Contemporary

contemporary wooden wardrobe designs
Image: Courtesy Aangan Architects

In the first instance, what strikes one is the modish colour of this wooden cupboard. With panelled shutters, it has a very contemporary look, making it great for urban Indian apartments. The absence of handles also goes well with the contemporary vibe, and the design has been seamlessly tied in with the dresser, the main door and the furniture.

It’s a great idea to connect your wooden wardrobe designs with the rest of the room to give the space a chic finish.

2. Herringbone Pattern

herringbone patterned wooden wardrobe designs
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Ogling Inches Design Architects

A herringbone pattern is one of the classic woodwork designs for bedroom cupboards in modern Indian homes. It’s understated yet statement-making, and an instant pleaser. In a bedroom with a simple decor or look, this wardrobe would add a decorative element.

3. Double Shaded

double shaded wooden wardrobe designs
Image: Courtesy Nayan Soni Photography

Why opt for one colour when you can go for two? In this latest wooden almirah design, the three doors are shaded brown while the three rows of drawers are in a complementing white. What helps tie the overall design of the cupboard together is the shade of the doors peeking through the channels of each drawer.

4. Mirror Effect

wooden wardrobe designs with mirrors
Image: Courtesy AM Designs

While one basic style of incorporating mirrors is to go for a full-length size, this wooden cupboard design has a more flamboyant way of doing the same. Mirror panels framed by wood add panache and yet make the bedroom seem larger. Another design tip: Unequal door widths! Go for it!

5. Muted and Soft

Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Design Matters

If you like muted shades and textures, go for wood with grey undertones. Just like this wooden wardrobe that doesn’t scream for attention. The beige on the foot drawers blends in with the light flooring, and the entire design complements the headboard and the bedside tables.

6. Freestanding

freestanding wooden wardrobe designs
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Huzzpa

For those who move every 2-3 years, or live in rented homes, going for a freestanding wooden wardrobe makes a lot of sense. Such cupboards are easily available at UrbanLadder, Pepperfry and MyGubbi, and are mostly built out of good quality particle board. The finish is smooth and blends in with most decor.

7. With a Dresser

wooden wardrobe designs with dresser

This three door cupboard is a perfect example of form and function as it incorporates a dresser in its design. A tabletop space, two drawers as well as a cabinet behind the mirror ensures that you have enough space for your cosmetics. The dark oak finish gives the wardrobe a sophisticated look.

Get it here: Three-Door Wardrobe with Dresser by Pepperfry

8. Modular and Compartmentalised

modular wooden wardrobe designs
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Asense Interior

Slide and open! Modular designs like these have nifty compartments for your every need and can be customised as well. Made of MDF or HDF boards, the design has tinted glass integrated within to offset the light tan shade of the wardrobe.

9. Use of Ethnic Prints and Textures

wooden wardrobe designs
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional MakeMyCasa

This wooden wardrobe design with sliding doors is perfect for Indian homes. Why? Because the cloth blinds tucked behind the glass inserts give it a very ethnic vibe. The dark colour of the wood blends in well with both traditional and modern interiors, and the sliding doors save floor space.

So, which one of these wooden wardrobe designs impressed you the most? We’d love to know!


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