9 Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs for Homes — Traditional, Portable & More!

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We love wood as much as you do! And so, from traditional to contemporary, and elaborate to simple, we’ve narrowed down your search for the best wooden pooja mandir designs for homes to 6 beautiful styles! We also tell you what style suits whom (though the decision is all yours honestly). Sounds good? Let’s dive in!

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on mandir designs for Indian homes.)

1. Wooden Temple Design for Corners

Awkward corners are perfect spaces to build yourself a pooja ghar. To show you how, we’re showing you two remarkable temples that make for ingenious mandir designs for small flats.

corner wooden pooja mandir designs for homes
Interior Design by iStudio Architecture

The above is a wall-mounted cabinet, paired with floating drawers, tucked comfortably into a corner of the living room.

But what makes this wooden pooja mandir cabinet our first pick are three things:

  1. The neatly carved-out shape of a leaf with veins. (It could also be mimicking the flame of a diya.) It’s just so stunning, your guests would swoon over the design!
  2. You can peep inside without opening the doors.
  3. The mandir looks even better when the warm yellow lights inside are switched on!
corner wooden pooja mandir designs for homes
Interior Design by Studio Emergence

Similarly, this small pooja cabinet design finds it place in an empty corner of the bedroom. It has three shelves, of which one is covered with a decorative door. You can decorate the shelves as you please!

Get this: If you’ve got a small contemporary apartment, with modern Indian aesthetics.

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2. A Traditional South Indian Design!

south indian wooden prayer mandir designs for homes
Interior Design by iStudio Architecture. Photography by Pradnya Ranaware

While it’s difficult to mimic south Indian architecture in our city apartments, there still are tiny ways to do so. One such way is to give your pooja room an out-and-out traditional wooden design — comprising of heavy, beautifully carved doors, decorative door framing, a wooden panelling in the centre to hang frames from, and a curved platform and storage design — also made out of wood. The flooring is laminate but that doesn’t take away from the overall traditional look of the pooja room. 

Get this: If you love the south Indian design aesthetic — pillars, dark wood, intricate carvings etc.

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3. A Portable, Floor-Rested Mandap Design

floor rested wooden pooja mandir designs for home
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Ignitus Architectural Studio

This wooden mandir design is basically a freestanding, floor-rested pooja ghar, bigger in size than the usually smaller and portable ones, but just as movable. The body is made out of wood, and the doors have a wooden jaali design. There are also two small drawers adjacent to each other to store usual mandir items like cotton, agarbattis etc.

Get this: If you want a large mandir but would like the option of moving it around as and when you redecorate your home.

4. Large-Scale & Elaborate Wooden Devghar Design

pooja mandir in wood
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

This is for those who would like a whole room for their mandir! In such a case, you can actually go all out with the designing and planning, and hire an interior designer for the same!

The focus in this design is on the framework of the mandir, comprising of a grid with bells, paintings of different deities, traditional brass lamps (hanging and freestanding) and large drawers for storage. A silver idol of Lord Ganesha with a wooden stand for a holy book grabs attention right in the centre. The room is given a finishing touch with paintings of deities on opposite walls.

Get this: If your house is in the construction stage and you’re looking for a grandiose design in wood.

5. Design Adorned with Bells and Brass

wooden pooja mandir designs for home
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

Wood and brass are an unsaid brilliant combination, and this design optimises the pairing! For instance, brass handles on a dark wood door, brass bells in the grids of a wooden door, and traditional brass lamps and idols on and against wooden shelves. A subtle ikat-pattern wallpaper on the walls tones down the solidity of the wood, which can also be seen on the flooring.

Get this: If you’re looking for pretty embellishments for your mandir, like a wallpaper, bells etc.

6. Simple and Small Wall-Mounted Unit Designs

wall mounted pooja unit

Want to ditch the designer or don’t have space for an elaborate design? Get a simple unit made by the carpenter or buy a wooden pooja mandir online!

wall mounted pooja shelf
Images: Courtesy Pepperfry

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you will definitely find a suitable pick! For instance, while the left artistic pooja shelf made of engineered wood costs Rs. 1,429 on Pepperfry, the right self-assemble unit made of mango wood is priced at Rs. 23,029. You’ll find various designs made of plywood too!

Get this: If you’re looking for a convenient option for your rented home!

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