We Picked These Berger Paints Colour Combos For Your Home!

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Picking up the right wall paint colours can be a stressful affair. We make it easier for you with our favourite Berger Paints colour combination ideas.

Here are our top 10 Berger Paints colour combination ideas for your Indian home.

1. Wild And Crazy (1a0364) & Wedding Gown (8p0201)

berger paints colour combination
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Do you want a portion of your house to truly stand out? You can expect this Wild and Crazy red wall paint colour to do the job with panache.

Keep the rest of the home subtle with an ivory-like Wedding Gown paint colour.

Design tip: We can picture this red wall opening up into the balcony and bringing in the sunshine and lots of greenery.

2. Orange Spice (2a0664) & Yellow Cream (2p0665)

berger paints colour shades
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Indian homes love bright colours but there is a danger that such shades might go all wrong and look too intense.

A foolproof way to fill your home with colour and still keep it classy is to go in for a pretty accent wall in Orange Spice, complemented with Yellow Cream by Berger Paints.

Design tip: From living rooms and dining rooms to even bedrooms, this combination will work beautifully in most spaces.

3. Fabulous White (7p0185) & Spring Fling (4t0884) 

berger paints colour catalogue
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

When in doubt, take the pastel route. With shades like Berger Paints’ Spring Fling, you can bring the vibrancy of colours into your room but in a soft and serene way. Dark wood furniture or even white modular furniture will contrast well with this combination.

Design tip: Given its calming effect, we recommend this combination for bedrooms. Just add sheer white drapes, and soft white and nature-inspired bed linens to complete the look.

4. Quiet Cove (5d1167) & Empress Rose (1d0324)

berger paints shade card
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Maybe you’re the kind who likes to go bold and make a statement with your decor. You surely don’t want to shy away from primary colours, in that case.

Forget dark and light combinations! Just take these two solid colours from Berger Paints — Quiet Cover and Empress Rose — and create a visually striking ambience.

Design tip: Imagine your living room in this combination. Fill the space with photo frames, wall art, a vintage clock and indoor plants, to create an energetic space full of personality!

5. Memoir Gold (3d0799) & Sands Of Time (2p0674) 

colour chart india
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Berger Paints calls it its ‘Zen’ inspiration and we couldn’t agree more! Yes, you can go for Zen with a bright shade like Memoir Gold — after all, it has such a splendid aura around it. Sands of time balances the zesty quality and creates a tranquil space.

Design tip: This versatile combination suits all rooms, even bathrooms. Just Zen it all up!

6. Fossil Beige (7p0179) & Southwest Sand (2t0605)

berger colour combination
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Our list wouldn’t be complete without that ONE neutral combination for spaces seeking elegance

In fact, this combination also illustrates that even neutral palettes can be used for contrasts!

Design tip: Ideal for living rooms as well as bedrooms, these shades will look even more beautiful with floors or carpets in darker hues.

7. Light Larkspur (5p1170) & Tall Delphinium (5t1173)

berger paints interior colour combination
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

For the kid who is a dreamer, bring a slice of heaven into his or her room with this peaceful combination.

The best part is that all the colourful toys and books will start to look more like decor pieces than a mess against these wall paint colours!

Design tip: Most often, the kids’ room is the smallest in the house. However, this wall paint colour combination will ensure a roomy vibe. Keep furniture multi-functional and minimal.

8. Golden Haystack (3d0783) & Mpress Rose (1d0324) 

wall paint colours for indian homesberger paints colour
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Earthy shades of red and yellow can bring a beautiful matte finish to the house.

The combination may look bold, but it keeps the aesthetics of the room warm and sophisticated. Yes, two strong colours can indeed work magic if you choose them right.

Design tip: An ethnic inspired decor will work beautifully with this combination. So if you have traditional oil lamps, Indian art and copper bowls, they will be right at home with these colours.

9. Milk Moustache (8p1697), Night Time Magic (8a1808) & Cookie Crisp (2a0232)

kitchen wall paint ideas
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Wood-finish cabinets and black granite are most often the go-to materials for a kitchen. So, here’s a combination that blends with this palette and creates a unified look.

Night Time Magic continues the granite theme while Cookie Crisp will look like an extension of the cabinets. Balance it all with the neutral Milk Moustache.

Design tip: This is a chic combination for a modern Indian kitchen that is worth considering if you are renovating.

10. Royal Robe (1a0320) & Water Chestnut (7p1593)

luxury wall paint ideas
Image: Courtesy Berger Paints

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the purple lovers. In fact, we have just the selection for you!

It’s called ‘A Touch of Royalty’ by Berger Paints and it delivers what it promises. The dark purple tones, in fact, make such a statement that you don’t need any wall art to go with it.

Design tip: You can either go for vintage furniture or you pick some contemporary pieces — both look equally stunning with this colour combination.

So, which shade are you swooning over?

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