10 Different Ways To Use Good Old Terrazzo!

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Before Italian Botticino and marble cast its spell on urban homes, offices and outdoor spaces in India, there was Terrazzo! Yes, that same flooring from our grandparents’ kitchens or school building, which consisted of tightly-packed marble, quartz and granite chips on a resin or concrete cement base that were smoothened out to create an evenly textured surface (we totally went technical on you!)

Pinterest recently came out with its Trends Report for 2018, and according to the Top Trends To Try report, Terrazzo is a home decor trend this year!

Apart from Terrazzo’s design flexibility (it can be placed in situ, made into tiles via hydraulic-pressing and even precast), it has an unlimited array of colour options and is known for its superior sustainability, non-porous nature and low-maintenance requirement. After “flooring” us for many years, this composite and versatile material, with roots that go back to the 1400s in Venice, is making a well-deserved comeback.

Today, Terrazzo is not just being revived as a floor pattern. It’s being used to make design elements in varied forms and patterns.

Here’s How You Can Use Terrazzo Creatively In Your Home:

1. Two pretty

Image Courtesy: jacobegeberg

Using concrete, steel and glass, up-and-coming Danish designer Jacob Egeberg has created a stool, which gives such a creatively new dimension to Terrazzo. It’s funky and functional, all at the same time.

2. Table goodness

Image Courtesy: notonthehighstreet

Aren’t we all inundated with coasters in wood, plastic, terracotta and glass? But here’s something truly unique. Made with concrete and Terrazzo chips, the six inch-coasters definitely exude a contemporary vibe. What makes them more useable is that they have a cork base, and have been waterproofed with natural beeswax.

3. Almost real

Image Courtesy: themarkerplace

Now, here’s something that looks like Terrazzo. But it’s actually Parian or porcelain that has been given a Terrazzo-like finish. The vase is the brainchild of London-based ceramist Sevak Zargarian who makes beautiful interior objects for the home from his garden studio.

4. Eco Terrazzo

Image Courtesy: bottle – up

Believe it or not but this beautiful Terrazzo-and-glass lamp has been made using discarded glass by Dutch studio Super Local in collaboration with the craftspeople of Zanzibar as part of their The Bottle Up project. If you could lay hands on a hollow Terrazzo pipe that could fit in a glass like the one above, you would have your own eco lamp. Can you be this resourceful?

5. Mirror, Mirror

Image Courtesy: luciekaas

Well-known Danish design company Lucie Kaas has perfectly balanced around, non-reflexive mirror on a small piece of custom-made Terrazzo from Grezzana, Northern Italy. You can opt for a real mirror and place it on your dresser. Place small curio dolls around it and your very own whimsy corner will be ready!

6. Think purple

Image Courtesy: society6

It won’t be difficult to crack this one if you know a good graphic designer. Choose your own colours and instruct the design boffin to make a personalised Terrazzo artwork for your room.

7. Small & sexy

Image Courtesy: anotherbrand

Made with hand-cast marble chips and cement, the set of three tavolinis or small tables in Italian can be a great addition to any home, bedroom or living space. Apart from lending a chic feel to any interior, these tables can be used to display objets d’art.

8. A Terrazzo trio

Image Courtesy: theminimalist

Use these Terrazzo beauties as cheese platters, table tops or a chopping board – be as creative as you can. Also, if you’re not into entertaining, display the platter as a decorative plate with a peony potted button plant.

9. DIY Box

Image Courtesy: thelovelydrawer

This is for the over-zealous lot who loves to make everything from scratch. Using polymer clay, The Lovely Drawer has made this gorgeous box that you can use to store your pins, needles, staples, etc.

10. Wallpaper alert

Image Courtesy: fermliving

Terrazzo wallpaper is not for everybody. It’s for those who have a thing for Speckles. Nowadays, it’s easy to customise wallpaper. So, one has the option of choosing big speckles, Dalmatian dots and what not. Decide for yourself. Be “spot” on!

Nitco Tiles and Bharat Floorings offer a vibrant repertoire of Terrazzo tiles in a diverse range. One can mix and match it as flooring, order washbasins out of it or make pots. Go wild with this earthy material!

Which Terrazzo is Your Favourite?

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