How Much Do Wallpapers Cost in India & Where to Find Them

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Are wallpapers budget-friendly? How much does one roll cover? What are the wallpaper installation costs? We answer all your questions about wallpaper prices!
(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on wallpapers.)

wallpaper for walls cost

In our last post, we told you if it’s possible to paint over wallpapers or not.

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But, today, we’re going to solve for and answer the other big question about wallpapers: How much do they cost and where can you find them?

This is not a straightforward answer and we need to answer a few other questions first.

So, you can either skip to the end or read through this blog post carefully to have a thorough understanding.

So, here’s what this post will help you with:

But before everything else, here’s some quick FYI for you:

The size of a standard wallpaper roll is:32.97 ft x 1.73 ft
A standard wallpaper roll would cover:57 sq ft
The average ceiling height in India is:9 ft-10 ft
Once you deduct skirting and false ceiling,
the ceiling height may come down to 8 ft. In that case,
one roll will (depending on the design and possible
wastage) cover close to:
5 ft-6 ft wide wall

Cool? Now that you have the basics sorted, you can always come back to this table for reference.

This brings us to…

What Factors Does the Cost of Wallpapers Depend On?

  • Complex designs and textures — these bring up the cost.
  • Materials — paper-backed and printed vinyl wallpapers (both self-adhesive) tend to be cheaper. Non-woven and non-woven fabric wallpapers are found in mid- to high-end range.
  • Designer collections and premium ranges by brands — these cost more than basic designs. For instance, Nilaya’s offers the Sabyasachi range at ₹8,000-₹17,500 but the same brand also offers wallpapers for ₹4,999.
  • In-house services of branded wallpapers — these will always cost more, but come with quality assurance. You can also find labour at competitive prices from local contractors, but the workmanship needs to be verified.

cost of wallpaper in india

And, thus, we finally come to: Wallpaper Prices & Availability

How Much Does Wallpaper Cost For One Wall?

This will depend on the design and the quality of the wallpaper chosen.

How Much Does Wallpaper Installation Cost?

The market rates for installation mostly fall between ₹8-₹15 per sq ft.

Cost of Wallpapers in India (By Reputed Brands)

wallpaper price per square foot
Wallpapers by Elementto

If you don’t want to compromise on quality and finesse, branded offerings will assure you a well executed design.

Wallpaper Brand / StoreWallpaper Price Per RollUSPWhere to Find Them
Nilaya by Asian Paints₹4,999-17,500Homegrown brand, inspired by Indian aesthetics; designer collection by Sabyasachi Across major cities,,
Marshall’s Wallcovering₹2,200-8,500Earliest brand in the country; diversity in designs (from classic to contemporary); designer collection by Krsna Mehta.In 19 cities,,
D’decor₹3,000 – 8,700Reputed for its high-end designs.Across major cities,
ElementtoShared on request International brands from US and Europe; premium one-of-its-kind designs.Mumbai and Delhi


Cost of Wallpapers in India (Mid-Range) & Where to Find Them

wallpaper cost for one wall

  • Local home decor retail stores are your best bet in finding mid-range wallpapers.
  • Major stores like @home, Home Centre and Homestop keep a catalogue of wallpapers that you can purchase from.
  • The choices, however, may not be as exhaustive as the branded offerings.

Your next best source for economical wallpapers is the online marketplace.

Cost of Wallpapers in India (Online) & Where to Find Them

wallpaper cost

WebsiteLowest Price (per roll)USP₹279You can go through the reviews for design accuracy.₹2,000You can find branded wallpapers, including Nilaya’s and Marshall’s.₹1,400You can find international brands and designs.₹98 (per sq ft)Customisation is available.₹130 (per sq ft)Printed graphics and customised designs are available.
International fashion sites like and₹209Extremely limited collection. Mostly leftover stock (suitable for small applications).


So, Are Wallpapers Budget-Friendly Then?

More often than not, painting will always be a cheaper alternative to wallpapers.

Having said that, wallpapers can still be a cost-effective way to spruce up your space — whether it is your home or your office.

How so?

Because very rarely will one apply wallpaper on all four walls. Highlighting just one wall, a pillar or portion of a wall space (like below) is often enough to give you the desired ambience. And this is one of the factors that can affect your wallpaper budget.

wallpaper price per roll
You don’t have to use wallpaper on the entire wall. Using it on portions brings down the costs and still has a big impact.

What’s Coming Up Next?

Well, our next (and last) post as part of our guide on wallpapers in India is an all-encompassing piece that will cover types of wallpaper, how to wallpaper and everything else in between.

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