Wall Art Ideas for Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is an extension of yourself, a respite from your day’s work, and a safe haven for your personal thoughts and time. As soon as your eyes fall on your bed, you feel relaxed and at peace.¬†For these reasons it is important that your bedroom should represent who you are and what you like.

There are various ways in which you can do up your bed wall, depending on your aesthetics and utility. Here are a few ideas on how you can transform your personal space into something beautiful and artistic:

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1. The Dreamer

If you like getting lost in your thoughts and often ponder deeply about life and its philosophy, artwork like painted trees, birds and butterflies are a great option for you. The artwork will help invoke a sense of meandering, thoughtfulness, and peace. You can play with colours depending on the theme of your room.

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2. Vanity Lovers

There is little shame in loving oneself, in fact, if you love yourself, you are more likely to love life and others around you. For those who love to be surrounded by mirrors to catch their own reflection any time they want to, what can be a better wall decor than a mirror! Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. You can go for something as simple as a thinly framed mirror to something more intricate with carvings and embellishments. Round mirrors are a popular choice for Indian homes.

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3. The Art Lover

Nothing inspires some people more than a good work of art like a painting or a sketch. If staring at your favourite art work is what gives you peace, then paintings and sketches by your favourite artists are a great choice. Go for colours and styles that go with the aesthetics of your room whether modern or scenic, monochromatic or colourful.

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4. The Flower Child

For the free-spirited and bohemian spirits amongst us, there are no strict rules. Imagery and art usually associated with the bohemian culture cannot be put in a box. It is a mix of different cultures and experiences, leaning towards an eclectic style. Create a good mix of your bits and baubles and hang it in a thought out fashion on your wall. You can also have a shelf to store your favourite handicrafts, plants or books.

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5. The Chic & Sophisticated

The ones that hard to please, and are the lovers of luxury, prefer a no-nonsense and filtered look for their bedroom. The artwork should be fuss-free, typically in monochromatic or metallic colours. A sense of connection with the aesthetics and colour scheme of the room is very important.

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6. The Simpleton

Being a minimalist does not mean having a boring sense of decor or style. It follows from the idea that less is indeed more. Empty frames, geometrical lamps, or a simple brick wall, is enough to please the simplistic soul. The decluttered look is perfect for someone who loves a decluttered mind.

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