How to Spruce Up Your Home in Under 15 Minutes!

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You’ve just received that dreaded phone call “We’re coming over in 15 minutes!” You look around the house and curse yourself. “Should’ve spent more time cleaning the house and lesser time reading articles about how a messy desk means you’re a genius.”

While it may be too late to change your ways, your guests don’t need to know about your dirty secret (pun intended). Here are some genius ways to quickly spruce things around the house in less than 15 minutes!

1. Fluff the linens and cushions

Target the living room first as that is one spot you entertain guests often. Creased linens or disorganised cushions deem your home as messy. Pick them up and smoothen them out so that the room appears neat and tidy. Align your area rugs to make it more organised.

2. Brighten the space

Don’t spook your guests with dim lit spaces or dark rooms. Let in some fresh air and natural light by opening the windows. Tie back your curtains using a bangle or a curtain tie, this presents the room elegantly. Turn on the lights at night and keep candles handy in case of power cuts.

3. Do a quick clean-up

Your guests don’t have to put up with your comfort zone. Get sweeping or vacuuming, the foyer and the living room so that any dust particles are not visible. It will make anyone feel icky if they’re watching you place their cup of tea on a coaster or table where even a thin layer of dust (or s food stain) is visible.

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4. Go for an aromatic appeal

Although the smell of food is welcoming, strong tadka or even musty odours are not acceptable to many. Spray some room freshener or burn some incense to make sure your home isn’t stinky or stuffy.  However, see to it that your guests are not allergic to any sprays as it might just get you into trouble.

5. Conceal the clutter

At a short notice, organising your knickknacks is not always possible. So use the old method and hide them away in your wardrobes and closed storage units. But just hope that none of your guests dares open any drawers or snoops around!

6. Stock up the vanity

You never know when your guests will want to use the washroom. As a precautionary measure, stock your bathrooms with necessary toiletries (toilet paper, liquid soap & fresh hand towels) and clean them quickly (the WC  is a MUST-CLEAN!) The secret is to make it appealing to the eye and the nose too! Hygiene is not something guests like to compromise on.

7. Bring in the greens

Greenery adds personality to any space. Place some small plants on the center table or the corners of your sofa. This not just makes it feel fresh but throws in some colour to your room. If you have flowers, then it is a great way of ensuring your home is presentable.

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8. Organise your coffee table

The first thing that the eye flows to is the center table or coffee table in the room. Stylists usually stack some books or cluster any three display products for a sophisticated look. See some more easy ways to style your coffee table.

9. Rearrange your shelves

Move things apart in your display racks to create a sense of space and do a basic re-arrangement to give it a magazine-like look.

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10. Dine in style

Get your table ready with some cutlery or a bowl of fruits. Clear away any crumbs and stains and add some colourful ceramics. There is nothing more eye-catchy than a beautifully laid dining table.

ProTip: Begin with your living room, so that if the guests turn up early, you can easily excuse yourself for 2 minutes and go spruce up your bedroom and bathroom even after they’ve arrived.

What’s your top tip for a quick home clean up?

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