How To Purify Your Home & Breathe Healthy

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A lot has been said about the air we are breathing, specially in the capital. Post Diwali, Delhi wears a cloud of smoke that threatens to choke us. Schools were actually closed due to the fear of subjecting the children to this air.

People may be aware of the pollutants outside, but how pure do you think is the air you are breathing in your homes? According to a research by the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend about 90% of our time indoors. Add to that, the indoor pollution is 10 times more than the pollution outside. Because we spend so much of our time indoors, these tricks can be quite helpful for breathing in clean air and keeping us safe. The branded air purifiers may be flooding the market and also see a surge in their sale right now, but they aren’t as economical as these hacks. If we may say, these hacks together can prove to be more efficient than any air purifier in the market.

Check them out:

 How to MAKE an air purifier

All you need is a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter, an old table fan, a colorful sheet of paper and a cardboard. HEPA filters are easily available online and are extremely economical compared to a good air purifier. It is also much easier to clean and can be cleaned every two months. Use a dry cloth or a dry brush to do the same. If you clean them every month then a HEPA filter can last for more than two years! Compared to a store bought air purifier which needs a filter change every 6 months, this is a far economical choice. These filters have to meet the international standards of air purity and quality to qualify as a HEPA filter. The homemade purifier traps 99% of impurities and improves the air quality significantly.

Desk Plants

Now this comes directly recommended from NASA. Desk plants don’t occupy too much space and also spruce up the interiors. There are many plants that effectively clean the air inside the house. These are also easily available in any nursery and can be planted in creative planters, or better still – make your own planters ! Watch the video and learn all about them:

Source: The Latest On The World

Cleaning the dust

Part of the problem of severe bronchial diseases lies in the fact that we inhale a lot of dust. People who live close to traffic or places that have construction going on are at severe risk. Plants and HEPA filters (or ever air purifiers) can only work to a certain extent. Cleaning the dust with a vacuum cleaner or having a professional cleaning service from Urban Company can help manifolds.

With these easy hacks you can keep the air around you pure and prevent the discomfort that your body is being subjected with the alarming levels of pollution to a large extent. We wish you a healthy living!

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