These 6 POP Ceiling Designs for Halls Are Always in Style

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POP designs for halls are the most common (and popular) kind of false ceiling ideas. And the designs, no wonder, are endless. Here, we list down some that will always remain in vogue.
(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on false ceilings in India.)

Do note that plaster of Paris (POP) has become so popular in India that it is considered to be the default material for false ceilings (even though there’s gypsum, wood, metal, glass and more). So unless specified, your local contractors mostly assume that you’re looking for POP ceiling designs for your drawing rooms.

Now let’s look at the designs.

1. Coffered

coffered pop designs for halls

The coffered style is a great way to add depth and texture to a plain ceiling. While it makes the room look a bit closed in, it also gives a warm, inviting and cosy appeal. In fact, this design suits the drawing room much more than any other area in the house.

2. With a Wooden Border

simple pop designs for halls

If you’re not a fan of fancy designs, you can go for a plain POP false ceiling but adorn it with elegant elements. For instance, in this design, the residents have gone in for a tasteful wooden border, simple recessed lights and a beautiful pendant lamp to decorate the simple POP false ceiling.

3. Designer

designer pop designs for halls

To make a great first impression on your guests, opt for a designer POP ceiling design. Most false ceiling contractors can replicate a design you give them while noted brands like Gyproc have an array of designs you can choose from.

4. Hanging Tray With Metal Lattice Background

pop designs for halls

There’s no reason why your POP designs cannot be paired with other materials to amp up the overall look. And lattice is a favourite style whether it is for false ceilings, door designs or even partition screens between rooms. So, take a look at this particular design, which comprises of a hanging and recessed tray ceiling that is set against lattice work in metal. That’s how your POP designs for halls get an uplift!

5. With a Luxurious Chandelier

pop designs for halls with chandelier

Like we’ve said before, POP ceiling designs are mostly simple. However, there are various ways to give them a touch of elegance and a gorgeous chandelier is one of them. It adds a dynamic glow not only to the room but also to the POP false ceiling.

6. Circular Tray with Multiple Pendant Lights

pop designs for halls

Like clean-cut designs? Don’t want a chandelier? Get your contractor to design a circular tray false ceiling made of POP and amp it up with stunning layered pendant lights. The choice of design for the pendants are many and you can pick what suits your style.

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