These Pooja Room Door Designs Are Simply Gorgeous!

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Wondering how your temple at home can look different from someone else’s? Looking for the best inspiration for pooja room door designs? This post has the best ideas!

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on mandir designs for Indian homes.)

Indian apartments are mostly crunched for space. But if you’re among the lucky ones to be blessed with a separate area for a mandir at home, then you’ve ought to have a gorgeous temple door that enhances the beauty of your sacred space. Luckily for you, we’ve curated the best pooja room door designs that you will EVER need. They’re simply gorgeous and just what your mandir at home deserves. Let’s explore!

1. Wooden Temple Door Design With Glass Inserts

wooden pooja room door designs
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional The Karighars

As far as pooja door designs go, those in wood are a classic. In this wooden temple door design, medium-sized glass inserts have been fixed vertically to not only break the solidity of the wood, but also soften the appearance and make the room look less stuffy. The glass panels also help you get a quick peek in whenever required!

2. Traditional Wooden Temple Doors With Intricate Work

traditional wooden pooja room door design
Interior Design by iStudio Architecture & Photography by Pradnya Ranaware

If you’d like to go the traditional route, there’s nothing like taking inspiration from the south of India. Source wooden doors with intricate designs and an antique appearance, or get such doors handcrafted from the craftsmen themselves. Antique wooden doors can beautify even the simplest of pooja rooms.

3. Pooja Mandir Door Design With Bells

Bells are an all-time favourite, and that little extra feature that not only gives the pooja room in your home an attractive appeal, but also sets it apart from other mandirs. Let’s look at some of the various ways bells can be incorporated in your temple door.

a. Open Square Grids

Left: Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Kanishk Interiors Right: Interior Design by Urban Company Professional The Karighars

In the designs above and below, small grid-like squares carved out of your house temple door make for perfect slots to fix tiny brass bells. Imagine hearing the tinkle of bells every time someone opens the door.

PS, notice the elephant-faced brass handles? Interesting, aren’t they?

pooja room door designs with bells
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Huzzpa

b. Grids Completely or Partially Covered With Glass

pooja room door designs with bells
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Allure Design Studio

Now if you don’t want hollow or open squares or slots in your temple doors, you can cover them with glass. In this particular pooja room design (above), the sections are covered by glass only on the outside, but you can choose to cover both sides, if you wish. Notice how the bells used here are bigger with longer chains? Another aesthetic look!

Get the bells: Flipkart and Pepperfry have some lovely options.

4. Pooja Room Door Designs in Plywood and Stained Glass

pooja room door designs in plywood and stained glass
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional The Karighars

Now who wouldn’t want a temple door with a gorgeous stained glass panel and an image of Lord Krishna and Kailash Parvat painted on it? A lovely mix of the traditional and modern, the painted panel emanates a lovely, diffused glow whenever natural or artificial light passes through it.

5. Frameless Mandir Door Design With Frosted Glass

frosted glass pooja room door designs
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional 5 Elements

On first look, you may think that this is just a plain frosted glass door with no designs on it and no frames. While that’s true, such a style is meant to be functional more than just aesthetic. Frosted glass is great for small apartments that accommodate mandirs in one corner of the house. Why? Because while glass blends well with the surroundings, frosted glass provides privacy.

Sliding and accordion-style foldable doors for your pooja rooms are great to save space, especially in small apartments in India.

6. Glass Temple Door Designs With Wooden Frames

pooja room door designs
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Gahitha Design Studio

If you want to create a nook for your prayer corner, but don’t want to hide it behind frosted glass doors, opt for regular transparent glass doors. However, you can still beautify them. Frame the glass doors with wood to render them some stability, and incorporate a glass window on one side to give an illusion of space.

7. Handleless Glass Temple Door With Frosted Designs

glass pooja room door designs
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Atelierr

Want to give your regular prayer room glass doors a makeover? Replace them with those with frosted designs on them. For instance, these glass doors have diamond-shaped frosted designs imprinted on them, giving them an edge over regular doors, and adding a charming appeal to the entrance.

If you’re opting for handleless doors, install magnetic push latches on them for a clean, elegant and sophisticated look.

8. Half Mandir Gate Design

half mandir gate design
Interior Design by Aangan Architects

Now this is interesting! A half door design that not only sections off your gorgeous mandir and wards things off from rolling into the area, but also lets everyone get a good look at the pretty features inside. While the above design comprises grids with coloured glass and bells, the mandir door design below is simpler in style.

half mandir gate design
Interior Design by Aangan Architects

9. Foldable Mandir Doors With Digitally-Printed Designs

pooja room door designs
Interior Design by Apse Design

Not only do these accordion-style, foldable glass doors with wooden frames save immense space in small Indian apartments, they also come with digitally-printed designs that add aesthetic value to the prayer room. These designs could be anything from an ‘Om’ or a religious symbol to a floral design or even an image of a God. The centre of each door has a detailed wooden design that blends well with the glass. To complete the look, the same panels have been installed as windows (and not as doors) on one side of the prayer room.

10. Laser-Cut Pooja Room Door Designs

laser cut pooja room door designs
Image: Courtesy Pinterest

Finally, this wooden door, which has been painted white, comprises of a beautiful, laser-cut lattice design. Such a design can either be selected from the manufacturer’s collection or it can be custom-made. This is a nice idea for those going for a serene, peaceful look. This design also allows natural light to seep in, and one can always get a peep inside. You would, however, have to worry about cleaning those tiny cavities in the design–not an easy task.

So, there you have it! Honestly, we love that people are paying attention to pooja room door designs today and that there are so many options to choose from. Which one are you going to pick?

For more inspiration, here are some 150+ indoor prayer room design ideas and photos.

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