These Are Our Favourite Pepperfry Sofas For Your Living Room!

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Your living room sofa can be as unique as your home and personality. In this post, we share 8 of our favourite Pepperfry sofa sets that are sure to result in a stunning, personalised living room that you will love to show off.

pepperfry sofa
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Do you like to keep your design simple or elaborate? Or do you prefer Indian aesthetics over modern simplicity or vice versa? Or have you always dreamed of having that leather recliner in your home?

Don’t worry, all your design goals can be achieved by picking the right sofa.

And to help you with coming one step closer to your dream living room…

Here’s our handpicked collection of 8 Pepperfry sofa sets for you:

1. Avilys by Woodsworth

pepperfry wooden sofa set
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Teakwood furniture and Indian homes have always been a perfect match. But did you know that you can also enjoy this classic look in a modern fashion?

With a slight retro twist, the Avilys sofa combines lovely Sheesham grains in the wooden frame with comfortable, soft upholstery.

pepperfry wooden sofa
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

On the side of the armrest, the three dimensional hexagonal detail adds an ornate touch to the design but in a contemporary manner.

Original Price: Rs. 49,999 

Design Tip: Throw in some printed cushions, vibrant green plants and a floor lamp with warm white light, and you will be ready to sink into this Pepperfry sofa with your favourite book.

2. Harleston by Amberville

pepperfry furniture sofa
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Want some royal vibes in your home? Amberville designs furniture with British and French colonial influences, but re-imagines them with Indian aesthetics.

The Harleston three-seater Pepperfry sofa is crafted in Sheesham, available in Provincial Teak or Honey Oak finish, and would be one brilliant, classic addition to your home.

pepperfry furniture sofa set
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Complete this look with a colourful, printed throw on the sofa, a Persian carpet on the floor, a larger-than-life canvas painting adorning the wall behind and beautiful wooden side tables and you will get a taste of the regal life right in your living room.

Original Price: Rs. 59,374

3. Mia by CasaCraft

l shaped sofa with storage
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Everybody loves a corner sofa! But let’s face it, the designs available in the market can be boring.

Mia, on the other hand, gives you all the comforts of a corner sofa but in a plush, patterned upholstery that is different from the rest. If you are aiming for a modern feel in your living room, this Pepperfry sofa will get the job done.

l shaped sofa pepperfry
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

We recommend pairing the sofa with a clear, glass centre table with a simple bronze plate or bowl in the centre, and a geometric carpet below to set the tone of the living room.

Original Price: Rs. 44,999

4. Delfina by CasaCraft

pepperfry sofa set
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Ah denim! The classic look that you thought can only be worn. Guess what! You can decorate your house with it too!

A gorgeous curved design, beautiful detailing on the legs and, most importantly, that denim-inspired fabric… the Delfina sofa is for homes with a chill vibe.

Along with metal nesting tables, some quirky printed, colourful cushions, and a rustic wall decor, this sofa will rock your living room.

Original Price: Rs. 43,749

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5. Affleck by Durian

leather couch
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Luxury meets comfort in this three seater, L-shaped sofa with a corner recliner seat. Yes, it comes with an attached recliner!

Using the manual recline mechanism, you can sit or sleep in one sweeping motion.

The textured Nappa Aire leather finish is another bonus to enjoy with this Pepperfry sofa.

Original Price: Rs. 1,13,750

pepperfry leather sofa
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Design Tip: Create your own home theatre experience with the sofa, a big screen TV, a fluffy carpet, minimalist, bronze-finish lamps with dim lights, and mirror work on the wall.

6. Frida by CasaCraft

3 seater patchwork couch
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Dare to be different with Frida, the contemporary patchwork sofa that is perfect for small homes.

Such statement sofas will instantly liven up the space with very little effort and with minimum accessories.

furniture couch shopping india
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Create a budget-friendly ambience with this piece using simple details. Place it next to the window, let sheer white drapes breeze through, add a plant on one side, and fill up the wall with family portraits and posters.

Original Price: Rs. 37,499

7. Napier by Peachtree

Here’s another great option in statement sofas. A plush, fabric sofa in a solid colour like cyan can fill your room up with its vibrance. The sleek design with wooden legs ensures that the sofa doesn’t look too bulky in small living rooms.

2 seater sofa
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

Pair it with an ottoman for extra seating that can also double up as a leg rest or a centre table with an assortments of wooden trays.

Original Price: Rs. 25,200

Design Tip: Contrast solid colour sofas with walls painted in neutral shades and a modern, printed carpet.

8. Gloria by CasaCraft

l shaped furniture
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

For some Scandinavian charm in your living room, the laid-back simplicity of the Gloria three seater sofa is beyond perfect.

Because of its minimalist design, your room will look spacious and comfortable.

sofa furniture
Image: Courtesy Pepperfry

You can maintain the design language (less is more) and add only one or two accessories like a simple floor lamp and glass table.

Or you can create a stimulating ambience by adding a printed throw and colourful cushions, collage of frames and posters with shelves on the wall, floor-standing indoor planters, and a bookshelf in the corner.

Original Price: Rs. 54,999

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