These Are The Most Popular Outside Colours for Indian Houses!

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If you’re looking for ideas for outside colour of Indian houses, look no further than this post. We take you through 6 combinations that are very sought-after and that blend in with your Indian aesthetics and surroundings beautifully.

Rarely do we give the outside colour of Indian houses the kind of attention that we give to those used indoors.

But that shouldn’t be the case!

We understand that experimenting with exterior paint colors for Indian homes may seem a tad bit daunting.

So, we keep it safe yet innovative in this post by showcasing 6 exterior colour combinations for Indian homes that are popular and well-liked.

1. Light Terracotta + White

outside colour of indian house
Interior Design by 1 Leaping Frog

For Indian homes that are accustomed to really hot summers, this desert-like colour combination of a light terracotta with white is ideal. And if your home has a lot of trees, plants and wood around it, the earthiness just comes together perfectly.

This is a neutral combination for those who want the exteriors of their homes to look elegantly muted.

2. Brick + Grey

indian house colour combination outside
Interior Design by Aangan Architects

Then there is the quintessential exposed brick look with its reddish-orange colour. Such homes are found aplenty in India and the key is to let the natural colour of the brick be the highlight. It gives your home a warm and homely vibe.

However, give that brick colour some definition by pairing it and complementing it with grey accents.

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3. Warm Shades of Yellow

exterior paint colors for indian homes
Interior Design by Dnyanesh Madgavkar

Yellow is a much loved colour in India, and warm shades of yellow, like mustard, ochre and ambre, look beautiful on Indian homes — whether as the dominant colour or when used as accents.

If you’re the kind who doesn’t want to deviate from a cream or white base colour, use warmer shades of yellow to accessorise. It gives your home a pop without making the exteriors seem loud or garish.

4. Orange + Grey

exterior colour combination for indian homes
Interior Design by Aangan Architects

Want to give your home oodles of personality? Are you ready to experiment? Go for a beautiful orange!

Orange is fresh and modern, and has a great impact. It lends itself very well to the surroundings, whether those are concrete or natural.

To balance out the boldness, pair the orange outer paint color with a steel grey for accents.

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5. White + Blue

exterior paint color combinations for indian houses
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

Want to move away from earthy shades? Try a combination of a blue and white, which is very popular.

This home is predominantly white with its edges and certain portions painted indigo for some depth. It takes the focus away from the stark white and gives it dimension and something to talk about.

6. Yellow + Blue + Cream

outside colour of indian simple house
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

And finally, for those who don’t mind playing with cooler colours — there’s the colour combination of bright yellow, grey and cream.

When using three colours, it’s great to use them in an approximately 60:30:10 ratio. So the cream forms the base, the blue highlights major portions of the house, while the yellow is used in dashes for effect.

So, there you go! Pick from one these combinations and don’t ignore the outer paint colors for Indian houses. After all, they do create the first impression!

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