Nursery Decor Ideas to Welcome the New Born

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The last few weeks of your pregnancy are notorious for bringing on the nesting syndrome. Nesting during pregnancy is the natural instinct and overwhelming desire by the mother to ready her home for baby. From cleaning and organizing to choosing color schemes and decor for the little one’s nursery, this nesting instinct is a hard one to fight! And why should you? You’ve waited so long for this special delivery, it’s only fair to get started and have baby’s room beautifully prepped. So here’s a bunch of handy tips to keep in mind when designing your child’s nursery:

Consider safety and practicality first

This is essential before you get down to the prettying up of the room! Babies grow fast and before you know it, will make the transition from sleeping all day to crawling to toddling about! Make sure you plan for a room that works for the baby as he or she grows and is designed with no sharp corners, odd edges or slippery surfaces.

Location and lighting


Do keep in mind that in the initial few months, babies need sleep – plenty of it! And it helps to have a quiet, comfortable room – far removed from other distractions. Of course, that doesn’t mean it has to be a cave – blacked out from sound and light! Ensure there’s a lot of natural light that you can choose to block out using heavy curtains or blinds when it’s nap time.

Use the crib as the focal point


Draw up a rough floor plan when buying a crib to figure what dimensions work. You’ll need to ensure the crib isn’t directly under a fan or AC vent so that baby can sleep comfortably. Cribs should also be away from lamps, heaters, window blinds or curtain cords as these can be hazards when baby learns to stand up in the cot and grasp things.

Plan for storage

Diapers, wipes, toiletries, clothes, books, rattles, teethers, toys – the list goes on and on! In no time at all, you’ll realize that for someone that tiny, babies have a LOT of stuff. Ensure your storage space is well planned out – it helps to have a toy box that your toddler can access and choose what he/she wants to play with. It’s also a great way to get the little one to learn the concept of tidying up as there is a designated spot for every item in the room.

Make it personal


Don’t just walk into a baby store and pick everything off the shelves. Ultimately, the nursery is an essential part of your home and should reflect the kind of people you are. Rope in grandparents and siblings to paint a wall or decorate the room with a family collage or any artsy craftsy stuff made by you.

Armed with these tips, we hope planning your baby’s nursery is a breeze. If you’re still looking for help, choose from Urban Company’s portfolio of interior designers, who can help your source materials and pick a design that works for you. Have fun planning the perfect room for baby!

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