These Marble Pooja Mandir Designs for Homes Are Just Divine!

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There’s something about marble, isn’t it? It has a very calming and untouched appearance — something that you would definitely prefer for your ghar ka mandir. And so, in this post, we give you 5 of the best marble pooja mandir designs for homes that we’ve carefully chosen. Just so that your home stands apart from everyone else’s.

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on mandir designs for Indian homes.)

1. Marble Mandir Design with a Pretty Frame

marble pooja mandir designs for homes
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professionals 8 Corners and Space Symphony

When you’re getting a pooja mandir built in marble, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to the frame. You can either go for a beautifully engraved jharokha that matches (or not) the back wall. Or you can opt for an intricately carved design for an architectural edge. Choose between columns and curtains to frame your mandir well.

Another idea: Depending on your need and usage, turn the base of your mandir design into a set of drawers to store essential items or just skip it completely for an elegant and classy design.

2. Marble Mandir Design with Pillars

marble mandir design with pillars and columns
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional RK Projects

Instead of opting for a pooja room door design, give your mandir a significant upgrade by fixing two traditional pillars at the entrance. Especially if you have the space and the budget! In this particular design, the pillars give shape to the whole mandir space and are complemented with matching brackets on the edges of the ceiling.

3. Marble Mandir Design with Wooden Flooring and False Ceiling

marble temple designs for home
Interior Design by HP Lakhani Associates

If you were actually confused between choosing wood and marble in the first place, this one’s for you! Choose both! Yes, get a gorgeous pooja mandir design in marble and have it built over a row of wooden drawers.

It doesn’t end there, though!

Get a reputed professional to fix wooden laminate flooring across the entire room and watch how the space turns into a pristine, immaculate space for your prayers. Complement it with a beautiful false ceiling design that blends well with the mandir.

4. Marble Mandir Design with Special Effects

mandir designs in marble
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Arch View

Give your marble temple design a spin by getting lights placed behind decorative panels. As you can see, in this particular design, different light settings highlight the Radha-Krishna design as they also do the designs of the kalash, bells, lamps and diyas. The soft light adds a blissful glow to the room.

5. Marble Mandir Design with Matching Walls

pooja mandir designs in marble
Interior Design by UrbanClap Professional Monnaie Architects

Get your marble mandir placed on platforms made of the same stone, and match these with sleek flooring and walls in marble. What you get in return is a beautiful and serene space that not only ticks all the Vastu boxes but also all the aesthetic ones.

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  1. Nice designs you have here. Marble is an amazing material to work upon. We loved the Pillars in the images. They goes pretty well with many themes. Wooden Temples are also a trend these days. They come in a variety of designs and can be polished in White too.

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