5 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants You Can Add To Your Home (Plus Where To Place Them!)

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You’ve heard it a million times, but hear it once again – adding plants to your home is the easiest way to transform it! Whether you’re going for a spa-like bathroom or an Instagram-worthy bedroom look, plants add a classy, finishing touch to any makeover project.

But not everyone has a green thumb. Fret not! We picked 5 of the most low-maintenance plants available in India that you can add to your humble abode. We also share the best spots in your house to place them. So, no excuses then! Go ahead and uplift the interiors of your home with these plants.

Image Courtesy: Copuco

1. Money Plant

Money plant, or Pothos as they are scientifically called, are fairly easy to maintain. You could either go the conventional way of growing them in a pot of soil or you could simply sprout them in a vase or bottle of water.

Image: Courtesy SpaceKit

Where to Add Them in Your Home: Wind the vines of the plant around the railings of your staircase or windows. Another way for you to make use of money plants is to leave them in a pretty vase of water in the centre of your dining or coffee table.

2. Aloe and Jade

Succulents such as Aloe Vera and Jade can also be introduced indoors. In terms of maintenance, they require none. In fact, even if you happen to forget about them, they’re going to be alright! Both Jade and Aloe Vera live on for years together with minimal requirements of water and sunlight.

Image: Courtesy Gardeners Palace

Where to Add Them in Your Home: Place them in your study, or perhaps in the sitting area by the side of your sofa to add to the aesthetics of your home.

3. Jasmine

Some plant species, such as Jasmine, come packed with the ability to absorb odours, thus purifying the air in the process. They require cool temperatures to thrive — so placing them in a well-lit room should do the trick for you. The plant does require a good amount of water as it does well in moist soil. So make sure that you provide an adequate amount.

Image: Courtesy Atmedia

Where to Add Them in Your Home: While the kitchen stirs up quite an aroma, it would be a good idea for a jasmine plant to add some freshness to the air.

4. Ivy

Ivy is one of the best vines for the indoors as it adapts to different light conditions. This means that you can not only place it in a room that receives less sunshine, but also in one that receives a great deal of it.

Image: Courtesy Balconygardenweb

Where to Add Them in Your Home: Place ivy on top of your crockery unit, or simply at the edge of a high reaching shelf. It bunches up at the top and cascades beautifully towards the bottom.

5. Spider Plant

Spider plants generally grow in tight quarters. So, a small pot should suffice to hold them. In general, these plants are low-maintenance, undemanding and fairly easy to introduce into any environment as they blend right in. Fertilization can be done as little as two times a month for these plants to survive.

Image: Courtesy Homedit

Where to Add Them in Your Home: As spider plants can withstand the humidity of the bathroom, you can place them just about anywhere: From the window sill to the wash basin, there is no dearth in terms of areas where you can introduce them.

So, tell us, how are you planning to add greenery to your home?

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