Lighten Up This Diwali

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This should come as no surprise. The festival of Diwali is all about it! Twinkling and dancing on the balconies are the strands of LEDs that beautify our home and kill the darkness. What they also usher in, is hope for a new and a better tomorrow.

But don’t we all want more? So rather than going with the common twinkling lights that make their presence felt in every home, how about we do something unique? Rather than going for just the mud diyas and tea lights, we go for a creative option. An option that will make your guest sit up, take notice and ask you where you got them. We tell you three ways to go about it:

Pretty Balloon Lights

This is what we call “lights with a twist”. With innovative streamers of lights now part of the market, we can also use novel ideas to light up our rooms. You can also user smaller balloons and tie them as streamers in your balcony. Its easy and its pretty. Check it out:

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Wine Lamp

Most of the Diwali get together gather a lot of alcohol bottles. I for one love the shape of a wine bottle or the unique old monk’s bottle. All you need is some tape and light strands, and the bottle that you probably throw away (or recycle hopefully) becomes a creative lamp that is absolutely stunning! Do not forget to remove the labels cleanly from the bottle. All you have to do is place the bottle in a tub of warm water or run it under warm water. The label can be pealed off easily. Watch this video to know how easy it is to make a wine lamp:

Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars make for smart cutlery in our kitchen and can be used for a fun light holders. You can decorate them in your unique way using sparklers, sketch pens, hand made paper or even quilling. One can also add a few drops of essence or fragrant oils easily available in the market. This will not just give you a tea light, but also a beautiful diffuser. What we teach you here is quite simple and can be done by anyone!

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We hope you loved the ideas and can’t wait to try them. We wish for a bright and a prosperous Diwali for you and your family. If you are looking to revel in the festive spirit and want light installation in your home, book our special service for Diwali.


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