Create a Stunning Entrance With These New Main Door Designs!

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Tired of the same old main door ideas? Step away from the regular choices and experiment with any of these catchy and latest designs of main doors for your entryway.

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on the best door designs for Indian homes.)

Create and leave a great first impression with these new and latest designs of main doors.

1. Black & Beautiful

latest designs of main doors

More and more Indians are seeing the beauty in black as a focal design element in their homes and it’s a trend to adopt for entrance doors as well.

This elegant yet simple panel design goes well with glass inserts on top that will allow plenty of natural light to stream inside the home.

If you are on a budget and want a no-fuss design with a wow factor, this is it. Choose matte black finish and handles in chrome for a classy and modern appeal.

2. Bold & Colourful

new door design

One of the rarely chosen options, a door painted a bold colour is actually the easiest way to renovate your existing main doors. Since the colour does most of the job, the door design itself can be simple. 

Doors painted in primary colours like blue and red will stand out and give your home an adventurous vibe.

Blue doors also remind us of the architecture of Jaipur city with its white walls and unique, colourful doors!  

3. Rustic & Country-Like

latest door design
Interior Design by K&L Interiors

Villas and private houses need doors that do not box the space but instead allow the landscaped outdoors to become one with the interiors.

While a complete glass door might not be ideal for the main entrance here, this particular design gives you the sturdiness of a wooden frame door along with the much-needed transparency of glass. 

It also has a rustic country vibe, which is perfect for vacation homes. If safety is a concern, you can add a metal grill door in a complementing design.  

4. Eclectic & Innovative

new main door design

Not sure what we love more — the cleverly patterned wooden slats in its natural texture or the ingenious use of stone as a door handle. Either way, this door is a winner. 

You can also design something similar with leftover materials from your house construction or renovation, and use your creativity to reduce waste.

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5. Glossy & Sleek

latest front door design

When designing an uber chic home with white marble flooring and contemporary style furniture, a black glossy main door is one of the best combinations to go for.

Since the sheen does most of the job, the design on the door can be minimal. For example, just go for simple geometric lines in contrasting silver or metal-finish. 

You can either opt for a glossy laminate or paint the door with high-quality lacquer paints in glossy finish. 

6. Metal Set Against Wood

new front door design
Interior Design by The Interior Workshop

We love the pairing of the metal main door with wooden-finish exteriors in this design.

The entire palette is warm and inviting, and the greenery makes the entrance more alluring.

Because of the contrast between the two materials, the design can be simple using organic forms and geometry. 

Instead of a lamp, the choice of indirect strip lights on top and within the vertical planters adds a soft glow to the ambience.

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7. Decorative & Eye-Catching

latest designs for main doors for home
Image: Courtesy Ply Mahal

Want a decorative panel door that is easy to make?

There are plenty of decorative laminates available in the market, each with unique designs and various colour options.

With this option, you do not require extremely skilled carpenters because there is no need for intricate carving. Plus, you can easily refurbish your existing main door with these laminates.

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