Inside A Gorgeous Chennai Home That’s Pinterest-Worthy!

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When we stumbled across Sunita’s Chennai home photos on Instagram, we could hardly believe such a beautiful house existed in India. We’ve been going crazy pinning all the images onto our Pinterest board and once you’ve had a look, you’re going to want to bookmark it for decor ideas for your own house!

The House: 2000 sq ft apartment rented in the heart of Chennai, India

Who It Belongs To:  Sunita, a textile designer, who runs House of Patterns

Master Bedroom

Sunita divulges what it took to put together and design her own abode.

How It All Began

We rented this house after we got married. The space was like a blank canvas when we moved in and it was quite intimidating to work on it as we had to start from scratch.

It all started when I needed a home office. I was inspired by some of the work on Pinterest and home décor magazines. I spent almost 1.5 months putting it together and once it was done, I fell in love with the room! It was like a dream-come-true kind of a space for me.

My Favourite Room – The Home Office!

Home office with motivational quotes
Home office decor ideas

My home office is my absolute favourite room in the entire house! I created a gallery wall above the desk with a lot of inspirational quotes! On the other side, I have a comfortable couch which comes handy when I need to take breaks. It’s also a sofa-cum-bed, hence its quite functional and serves as an extra bed when we have a lot of guests staying over. You always need storage and the bookshelf next to the couch apart from looking pretty is very functional and serves as a good storage space as well.

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My Decor Style

Initially, I was overwhelmed with the number of styles out there. One moment I would love Scandinavian, then it would be Mid-century modern for a while and now it’s the bohemian style. So my house is a mix of all the styles that I love.

My Home Is…

Extremely functional and stylish at the same time.

My Biggest Challenge Was…

Not being able to change wall colours (it was something I always wanted to try) since it’s a rented house.


The Entryway

Entryway decor with seating and rug
Love the “If you’re not barefoot then you’re overdressed” sign and distressed white flower vase

As the entryway is the first thing you see when you enter the house, I wanted it to be a space which sets the tone for the entire home. I started off with the mirror, which is the anchoring piece, on the wall, and added other fun wall accents which complement each other. For seating, I added a simple bench and styled it with accent cushions. I finished it off with a potted plant and rug!

Living Room

Sunita has now changed this gallery wall to look even more eye-catching!
Living room coffee table, seating and shelf decor styling ideas

The living room is where my husband and I spend most of our time, so we wanted it to be a calm and relaxing space for us to hang out. That’s why comfortable seating was a must! My favourite part of the room has to be the display shelf which showcases all the knick-knacks we’ve picked during our travels. It also is a statement piece in the room and makes a great conversation starter with the guests!

I added an Indian touch with the carved wooden grey mirror next to my display shelf and the mid-century floor lamp shade which has traditional damask patterns on it.

Living room with 2 tables making a larger coffee table

Problem Area: Initially, we had just the round wooden table with the glass table-top as our coffee table in the living room. But only after we started using the space, I realized that the table is quite small for the room. I didn’t want to get rid of the table and get a new one, instead I got another smaller round table to pair it along with the existing one and it works just fine!

Lesson Learnt: There’s always room for improvisation! Sometimes, you can add a smaller element to an existing one, instead of replacing it completely.

Dining Room

Dining room decor ideas

The dining room is quite a simple one which serves its purpose well! I styled the space with a natural jute rug which adds a lot of texture to the area.

Console table with art work

The favourite corner of the dining space is the little vignette I created in the corner with an eclectic console table and an abstract artwork of mine.

Dining table and cabinet decor styling ideas

Problem Area: The built-in hutch cabinet you can see had a brown granite table top which I hated from day one. Since I couldn’t get rid of it, I improvised and pasted white marble contact paper over it. It looks so real that when my friends come over, they can’t tell that it’s contact-paper. Even better because it’s budget-friendly.

Lesson Learnt: It’s a misconception that one has to indulge in expensive pieces to make a home look good!

Home Office

I’ve already told you everything about my favourite room!

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Master Bedroom

Stunning master bedroom decor

The most ignored room in a house is usually the bedroom, but it’s very important to create a room where you can unwind at the end of a tiring day. I wanted my master bedroom to be a relaxing space so I ended up mostly using calming neutral colours in the room. The tufted headboard adds a lot of interest to the wall and I love the sunburst mirror above the bed adding that midcentury-modern touch! My favourite element of the room has to be that bohemian bench at the foot of the bed.

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Guest Bedroom

Wall art ideas for guest bedroom
Abstract art in neutral tones and gold in guest bedroom
Seating idea for room corner with floor lamp

It’s quite essential to create a guest bedroom that is warm and inviting. But I also wanted to add a little fun element to the room which is the vintage bicycle sculpture. It is the first wall you’ll see when you enter the room and it makes quite a statement piece!

My 3 Favourite Elements in the House

1 The wooden shelf in my living room

2 The mid-century and bohemian style console table in my dining room

3 The vintage cycle mounted in the guest room

Vintage cycle mounted on wall in guest bedroom

Top 3 Home Styling Tips

Adding living elements like plants instantly lifts a space, so I make sure I add them to every corner of the house.

2 A rug is my favourite decor accessory! I always finish off styling a space with it.

If you are like me and love experimenting with your house looks, keep your big pieces in neutral shades (eg. grey, taupe or even blues), like your sofa so that you can keep changing your cushions and other decor pieces which will not punch a hole in your pocket. I feel cushions, in particular, are the best and the most economical way to experiment with different styles.

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What’s your favourite idea from Sunita’s Chennai house?

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