How To Make Your Home Winter Ready- Tips To Warm Up Your Abode

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Plunging temperatures, shorter days, gloomy ambience and laziness- winters are here. Now imagine this- a fireplace, your red bright quilt, a steaming cup of joe and your favourite book- winters are certainly here!

While some of us may not like the chill in the air, there are ways to make your home comfortable and protect it from the cold winds. Here are some ways to do just the same:

shutterstock_116543608 1. Home Care- To cut down the cold from entering in, some basic things can be done. The proper way is to have doors and windows with no leakages which permit cold wind from entering. The best solution is to have the new UPVC windows installed which protect noise and air from entering in. There are also cheaper solutions available like putting rubber gaskets around the existing windows to cut the wind. One could also have thicker curtains put on every window, which breaks the flow of wind. There are a lot of options available today in curtain fabrics which let the light enter but work as wind breakers.

2. Heating up- There are a lot of home heating options available today. The expensive options include having your entire floor heated from below. With various heaters available in the market, the home can be heated in an economical way as well. Heaters like the one with direct heat coil & oil heaters, provide the needed warmth. Oil heaters do not sap moisture from the air and yet add the warmth to your room. Remember to keep the doors close to retain warmth longer.


3. Flooring-  A wooden flooring is definitely an option for warmth also because an insulation sheet can be added to not let cold strike from bottom up. Tiles and Marble are extremely cold and can be made warm by adding layers to it with the help of warm rugs and carpets.

4. Cut down that electricity bill- It is a great idea to go Solar to avoid that exorbitant electricity bill. I believe it’s the need of the hour anyway. Although the Capex is more, the Opex would eventually make it worth it.

shutterstock_55476430 5. Add a bit of colour- Winters can be made interesting by adding a bit of colour to the winter palette which is greys and whites. Adding a bit of hue to the neutral palette. It is a great idea to add blues, purples or browns to the interiors. Also adding yellow lights gives a visual warmth to the interior.

6. Get your house designed- Design is expensive is a myth. A good idea can be made cost effective easily. Rugs and Carpets are a simple way of making your house look warm and can be brought as a budget buy. Turn your lamps yellow, get some throw rugs on the furniture and change the cushion covers and bed sheet to give an instant glam to the interiors. I personally also love dull sequin worked pieces, the same could be paired with a white, grey and blue colour palette.(if one wants to be a little more exciting!)

We really hope these tips help you to spruce up and warm up your winter. Aakanksha Kulkarni Panigrahi is the CEO and Founder of Nack Studios and a partner with Urban Company. She has an experience of five years as a practising architect and has worked for prestigious clients. Get in touch with her through Urban Company.

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