9 Easy Ways To Make Your Bed Look & Feel Like A Hotel Bed!

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Don’t you just love the comfort that a hotel bed offers? It’s soft, smooth and snug, and all you want to do is just curl up and snooze the minute you get a chance. Now what if you could get this cosy setting right at home? Yes, it is possible to have a hotel-style bed at home if you follow our hoteliers’ trick. We’ve decoded the secrets, and from mattresses to cushions, here’s all you need to know.

1. Invest in a Good Mattress

A good bed is the foundation for a good sleep. Therefore, invest in a good quality mattress first. Take your pick from therapeutic beds to normal spring beds. However, if you have already have a mattress and don’t want to get rid of it, then flip it. This simple trick makes your mattress feel like new and enhances the lifespan of your bed too.

Still don’t feel the softness? Layer your mattress with either a feather bed, which gives it extra fluff, or a memory foam mattress that relieves pressure. Both help you get a marshmallow-like feel for a comfortable sleep.

2. Use Sheets With a Good Thread Count

Love the silky texture of hotel linens? The secret is using an Egyptian cotton, 300-thread-count bedsheet that feels fresh and soft. Thread count is a measure of how many threads are woven into one square inch of a piece of fabric. In the Indian market, though, it’s a relatively alien term. Some e-commerce retailers come to your rescue here.

One sheet won’t do the trick. In hotel rooms, if you’ve noticed closely, there are two fitted sheets that are tucked in tightly whereas one flat sheet is placed over it for a feathery feel. Use one fitted sheet vertically and another one horizontally to get the right bounce.

3. Create Layers With a Comforter & Duvet

Layers and more layers are what you need for that plush feel. Add a comforter and duvet to create bedding bliss. Keep in mind the 300-thread-count rule for a soft and smooth finish. Adding these makes you want to sink in, doesn’t it?

4. Maximise on Cushions & Pillows

Don’t you love sinking into a bed with cushions? The soft, light, cosy feel is all you need for a good night’s sleep. But there is a catch here! Add two to four goose feather pillows along with two fibre fill pillows. You’ll want extra pillows – keep a minimum of three pillows so that you get to choose what you’re comfortable sleeping on.

5. Add Throws for Warmth

While the hoteliers prefer keeping their bedding white, they use a throw blanket and pillow to match either the headboard or the accent wall in the room. This is a great way to add colour and personality to your bedroom.

So make yourself warm with a neatly folded throw blanket placed at the foot of your bed. And arrange the throw pillows symmetrically for that streamlined look.

6. Include White, White and More White

Opt for all white sheets, duvets and pillow cover to make it feel fresh and welcoming.

7. Add a Skirting to Your Bed

Bed skirts are not just an aesthetically pleasing element, but are also practically as they conceal the legs of the bed. Thus, bed skirts will help transform the look of your bed and give it a neat and finished look.

8. Opt for Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is important to have fresh and crisp sheets. Wash yours a couple of times a week, and get any delicate cushion covers dry cleaned regularly.

9. Fluff Your Pillows

Old, used pillows tend to look flat and sad. So, fluff your pillows regularly and revive them. This is a small but crucial step in making the bed feel welcoming!

Now that you have all the hotel secrets, make your bedroom a luxurious retreat!

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