How to Finish it Right- Designing Your Home

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It is a lovely world we live in today. Technology available to us today it sophisticated, ingenious, genius and effortless. Hardware has become more powerful, can do more things and better! Finishes for interiors have become refined and in options available to all pocket sizes.

Let’s talk about finishes. Earlier when one looked at woodwork/storages inside the house we would automatically think MICA. Then we became better aware and wanted more finishes and we got into the world of Laminates – Laminates give us far more options and colors, textures to choose from. Apart from this, the task would cost us time and money and a lot of dislodging of affairs. Today, we have options of Veneer, Laminates, Aluminum sheets, PVC films, Wallpapers,. All we need to do is choose from these varying options that suit our time and budget and it takes most of them only a day to install and above the same finishing, which means there involves absolutely zero dislodging. The options have diverse textures, patterns and ofcourse colours.

We have been talking of Wallpapers as a finishing for walls for ages now, Even Wallpapers have reinvented themselves. There are 3D wallpapers available , which in half the cost of wooden paneling or stone texture or brick wall give similar textures. Also, There are n number of options available to create illusions on the wall. There are Customized wallpapers available. For a project of ours, we did a beach theme for the Kids Room. We not only got a customized wallpaper for things the Kiddo liked on the wallpaper, we got her on it too.

The Vinyl Flooring – The good old wooden pattern vinyl flooring has also reinvented itself not only in terms of color and patterns but also in terms of graphics and the refinement of the material itself to make it more maintenance friendly. The Vinyl can be custom printed, So the floor can have the pattern we want and hence each space can speak uniquely of the design vision envisaged by the Designer.

For Flooring there is also Design Epoxy which is an available flooring, which gives us a shiny coloured surface at half the cost and half the effort. Also, the same medium can also give us 3d floors (Many of you must have seen the famous 3D floor whatsapp forward going around!)

Another really amazing technology is Laser Cutting, though people would have seen and used Jalis in the interiors of their houses. The Options and creativity with which it can be completely exploited hasn’t been reached yet. A creative person and a willing client can help use the laser cutting, engraving, electroplating technologies really well.

There are membranes available, hot water proof plies, surface finishes, lights which are as thin as a needle butas bright as the sun. There are millions of options available to us today to get exactly the vision we have in our head out onto reality. All we need is a creative designer and a client who is open to new ideas.

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