DIY Ideas for Home Decor: 5 Ways to Reuse Old Glass Bottles & Jars!

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It’s the story of every household! Glass bottles and jars get accumulated every month at home, and then comes the effort of disposing them all. But don’t worry. We have 5 great ideas that will help you reuse your old bottles and jars, and trust us, you will never want to throw them away.

1. Use Them As Planters or Vases

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Used glass jars and bottles of different shapes and sizes make for super cute planters. Bunch some dried bouquet fillers for a simple rustic look or go for fresh flowers for an uplifting look. You could also put plants in these glass containers. Just ensure that they get enough ventilation and nutrition through a timely feed of fertilisers. Some of the types of plants you can grow in glass jars or bottles include common ivy, spider plant, purple heart, coleus, sweet potato vine and so on. Decorate the bottles with ropes, vines, paint or whatever you fancy. You could also build your own terrarium in these glass containers.

2. Turn Them Into Chic Decor Pieces

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All you have to do is make a quick visit to your neighbourhood craft store for some supplies. For instance, using spray paints, neatly coat your bottles in a metallic shade. No one will be able to tell that these were once your discarded wine bottles. You can also create patterns on your bottles using cut-outs or stencils. Ensure that you’re using gloves and masks, and paint the bottle in an open area to avoid staining accidents.

3. Fill the Bottles With Fairy Lights

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A funky way to use old wine or juice bottles is to fill or wrap them with LED string lights. This is a great festive or party decor idea as well. To go a step further, carefully hang a bunch of them around your house.

4. Make Them Your Vanity Organisers

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Old mason jars make for super cute and trendy storage containers. They are especially great for storing makeup brushes, cotton swabs and ear buds. Use them as they are or transform them with little tweaks. A great way to decorate a mason jar is to paint it and then rub sand paper over it. We promise that you will love the look! A little tip is to go easy on the rubbing. You can also let the jars be as they are from the outside, and instead pour in pretty craft decor, like glitter or faux pearl beads.

5. Store Fruit-Infused Water

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A great party hack is to use old bottles for fruit- or herb-infused water. Simply slice up some lemons and put a few pieces in a glass with water. Alternatively, you can also use mint leaves, chunks of sweet lime, oranges or berries. Fruit- or herb-infused water is best served cold. It is also proven to be detoxifying and refreshing for your body. The added benefit, of course, is that these bottles look darn pretty just sitting on your dining table.

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