7 Last-Minute, Super-Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

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If you’re like most people, you’ll end up waiting till the last minute to start working on your Diwali decoration ideas for home. It’s either that or the fact that you don’t want to spend too much time, money or effort on your Diwali decor.

Either way, don’t give up on yourself just yet. Here are 7 easy and quick ways to brighten up your home this festive season—some are traditional and some are not. Even if you read these a day before Diwali, you’ll have all the arms and ammunition to know how to decorate your home for Diwali and give it a gorgeous festive makeover!

1. Brighten Up Your Furnishings

beautiful home interiors for diwali
Image: Courtesy Hidden Gallery

Replace the simple furnishings in your living room (and bedroom) with those in festive colours like orange, pink, yellow, red, green and blue. You don’t need to buy anything new—just go through your current stack, and bring out those brightly-coloured cushion covers, runners, throws and sheets, especially those in materials like raw silk and velvet.

bright cushions for beautiful home interiors
Image: Courtesy Good Earth

And if you don’t have any, you can find affordable and vibrant cushions covers in the market—just use plenty of those!

2. Bunch Up Fresh Flowers in Metallic Vessels

flower diwali decoration ideas for home
Image: Courtesy Good Earth

Something as simple as putting fresh flowers in old metallic vessels like brass kettles and vases, copper bowls and tumblers, and bronze plates, can amplify the festive beauty of your home instantly. Place these in different areas of your home. Thus, you don’t even need to buy any Diwali decoration items! It doesn’t get easier than this.

flower diwali decoration ideas for home
Image: Courtesy Good Earth

3. Create a Coffee Table Vignette

coffee table diwali decoration ideas for home
Image: Courtesy Pinterest

Gather all your small Indian accents like bells, bowls, statues, spoons, trinket boxes, etc. and arrange them on your coffee table to create an ethnic vignette. You could arrange them on a brass plate and even add flowers or a tea light or diya to complete the look. If you’re hosting guests, the coffee table vignette will be enough to catch (or divert) their attention.

4. Indulge in Marigold Flowers

marigold diwali decoration ideas for home
One of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas is to use marigold flowers in abundance.

No other flower spells Diwali festivities like marigold does. And the best part? It’s available in bulk in your neighbourhood market during the festive season, if not on the streets outside your home. Buy strings and strings of these flowers and use them by:

  • Hanging them at the entrance;
  • Lining them around the top of your living room console, chest of drawers or bar cabinet;
  • Placing them in large bowls;
  • Winding them around the arms of your sofas and chairs, or the bases of your floor or table lamps.
  • Hanging them between curtains.

5. Make Your Entrance Stand Out

entrance diwali decoration ideas for home
Image: Courtesy Desi DIY

One of the best parts about creating a festive vignette right at the entrance of your home is that it leaves a nice impression on the minds of your guests and they don’t really notice that you’ve done nothing else around the house (if that’s your situation!). So, move a narrow table towards a wall at the entrance and decorate it with a runner, idols, flowers, string lights, bells, etc.

6. String Those Fairy Lights

What’s Diwali without lights? The idea, however, is to show creativity without putting in much effort. All you have to do as part of your Diwali light decoration is to get strings of fairy lights and find various ways to use them. Bunch them in clear glass bottles and vases, hang them between curtains, place them around your wall art and wall mirrors, or wind them around floor lamps (yes, just like you could do with the strings of marigold!).

fairy lights in bottles
Place these bottles or jars with fairy lights in different corners of your home.

You could also bunch up the ends of the fairy lights into little bundles for a decorative touch.

fairy lights diwali decoration ideas for home
Bunch up fairy lights at the end for a unique touch.

7. Light Up Your Home With Votives and Tea Lights

tea lights for diwali decoration ideas for home
Tea lights and diyas are affordable and a quick-fix.

And finally, this is the oldest trick in the book but an evergreen one–the Diwali diya decoration. Take all those tea lights, votives and diyas (accumulated over the years) out from storage, and use them around the house. Nothing beats a brightly lit-up home during the festive season!

Preparing your home for Diwali, or even the thought of it, can drive one crazy. But keep calm and follow our easy-and-quick tricks to spruce up your space without emptying your pockets. If you have your own last-minute Diwali decor fixes, share them with us!

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