These Blue Wall Paint Ideas Will Inspire You To Take The Plunge!

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In this post, we give you ideas and designs for incorporating blue wall paint in your home interiors. After all, blue and its many shades is a favourite for most of us, especially in our homes!

blue wall paint

Blues belong to the cool colour family and are extremely versatile. And that’s why you’ll find this colour used in varied spaces — from formal libraries and reading rooms to bohemian bedrooms and chic living rooms.

Here are some blue wall paint ideas for your Indian home — we bet you’ll find loads of inspiration!

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1. A Soft Look For Your Child’s Room

blue wall paint combinations

Powder blues are a great choice for nurseries and children’s rooms. Not only do they provide a calm atmosphere to unwind and relax, but they also pair well with other pastels to give the room a soothing backdrop for other pastel colors.

2. Pale Blue To Complement Light-Shaded Furniture

blue wall paint colours

Your blue wall need not be bold. And this bedroom is testament to that.

When you have light-shaded furniture and furnishings in your room, it’s a good idea to skip a regular white or cream wall, and opt for a pale blue instead. This will add some fresh respite to your space.

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3. Blue On Blue & More Blue

light blue paint colors for living room

As depicted in this room, there is no such thing as too much blue.

So, go ahead and complement your pale blue wall with a similar shaded rug and cushions.

The key is to throw in greys and creams and wooden tones as well to tie everything together.

Style tip: Get in as much natural light as you can to really do justice to these shades.


4. An Inspiring Work Space With A Grey-ish Blue

paint home office

If you’re keen on a blue for your home office, by all means go for it! Choose a medium shade — like this blue blended with grey — for your work station space as this is a colour associated with energy and business. (Of course, those gorgeous black pendant lamps help add more zing to the space.)

5. An Urban, Contemporary Gallery Wall

blue living room walls

A grey-ish blue wall is also great to display black and white frames. The wall frames look stunning against the colour, and you can complement the tones further with muted, simple furniture that is classic yet modern.

6. Darker Grey Blue To Allow Other Colours To Pop

blue living room

Darker shades of grey blues pair very well with earthy colours like dusky rose, soft beiges and greys, and can make any room look artistic.

Look at how the colours of the rug, the plants and the vases pop out against this living room wall to create a charming, relaxed atmosphere.

7. Spa-Like Vibes In The Bathroom

blue wall paint ideas

While blue is a popular pick for bathrooms, especially in India, how about something unusual yet classy like a blue-grey bathroom?

It’s the perfect companion for a wooden-themed bath area, where the backsplash, countertop and flooring are all wooden. It will give the space a very spa-cum-beach vibe.


8. Bold & Beautiful Mediterranean Vibes

blue living room colour schemes

Now this one’s for those who want to take their living rooms a notch higher on the bold quotient.

Go in for a Mediterranean vibe by pairing a teal or turquoise blue wall with striking floor tiles in blue and white. This is an even better idea for bathrooms!

Style tip: Teals create a calm, restful mood. So, support the overall theme with equally relaxed patterns and organic wooden objects. 


9. Soft, Fresh Look For The Master Bedroom

blue bedroom colour schemes

This bedroom opts for a very fresh, European look with the accent wall painted a duck egg blue and the use of soft and neutral furnishing.

This look can also work well in a bathroom or a living room as it has a very calming effect.

10. Colonial Ambience Update With A Soft Blue & Dark Furniture

colonial interiors dark furniture

Darker wood furniture and flooring paired with a delicate blue on the walls gives this room a very colonial appeal and a lot of depth. Throw in some white for contrast — through smaller accents like candles, vases, wall trims etc.

Style tip: Lighter or darker woods and even white furniture works with this delicate colour. Avoid maroons and cherry polishes.


10. A Savvy & Stylish Look Using Deep Blues

blue living room walls

If you want to give your living room a sophisticated, sleek and stylish appearance, paint an accent wall in a deep blue. Shades like midnight blues not only help in doing that but also allow your other wall accents stand out.

In this particular space, a lot of different natural textures, neutral colours and subtle patterns allow the beautiful wall colour stand out even more.

blue wall paint decorating ideas

In fact, your indoor plants too will look stunning against a deep blue while the wall paint colour will shine through valiantly.

11. Royal Indulgence For The Bedroom

Go for a slightly opulent appeal by going in for a very deep and royal blue accent wall in your bedroom and throwing in pieces of matching furnishing — a throw and cushions in this case.

Bright or deep Indigos can add a touch of drama or eccentricity and are an excellent choice for your bedroom.

blue living room decorating ideas

However, when using indigo in a room, do so sparingly on just one sectional wall. Also, you can pair the wall with golden accents to add a touch of class to the room.

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12. Navy Blue Wall Paint To Pep Up A Room

blue wall paint design ideas

Contemporary prints (like those on the accent chair and the rug), straight legs (like those on the table, lamp and chair), and modern accessories look the best against a contemporary wall paint colour like this navy.

Navy blues are also the natural choice for a nautical, space or sports theme. So, you can use these to pep up a kid’s room.

13. A Classier, Modern Gallery Wall

blue wall paint design

Remember how we spoke about black and white frames for your blue wall? Now how about adding way more contrast to your dark walls with white frames?

accent gallery wall

You can also use this navy blue in your corridor or living room to exhibit a neat collection of Chinese porcelain.

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