The Best Door Designs for Indian Houses You’ll Want To See!

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From quirky handles to Indian motifs, these are the best door designs to make your entrance stand out and make your home the talk of the neighbourhood.

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on door design ideas for Indian homes.)

Give your entrance the ultimate makeover with our compilation of the best door designs.

1. With Geometrical Designs

best door designs

Doesn’t this design spell luxury for an entrance door? We think so!

The radiance of the rising sun, the captivating energy of the circles… whichever way you view it, this design is truly impressive.

The linear textures and gold-finish inlay work add a sense of richness to this door.

2. With a Mix of Many Materials

house door design

Two is company but three is perfection, at least when it comes to this main door design.


Because we can see a striking composition of three materials here. The stone-finish adjacent wall, the metal jali in elegant floral design and the sturdy wooden door together form a restrained yet beautiful entrance.

It is framed by indirect light on three sides that illuminates the design perfectly.

3. With a Handle That’s Hard to Miss

main entrance door design
Interior Design by Dipen Gada & Associates. Photography by Tejas Shah Photography

Not all designs need to be over-the-top to be eye-catching. In this option, the design focuses on a statement handle design for an exquisite looking main door.

Complementing the handle is the textured veneer (or one can even use laminate) that has a rich amber colour blended with dark wood tones.

Simple is indeed beautiful!  

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4. With a Magical Vibe

simple main door designs for home
Interior Design by The Interior Workshop

It’s like the lushness of a forest is captured in this main door design.

From the lights and the greenery to the classic wooden finish, the door appears like a magical entrance.

What we find most impressive though is the cascading panel of wood that ends midway as the door handle. Ingenius!

5. With Traditional Motifs

house main door design
Courtesy: Pinterest

Your main door needs to be a glimpse of your home. If the interiors are designed with traditional inspirations, then it is only fitting that the entrance reflects it too.

Nothing like an embossed-style Indian motif in gold to capture this aesthetic. Plus, floral motifs have that calming and inviting effect that is suited for main doors. 

6. With Some More Traditional Motifs

simple door design
Interior Design by Rust Design

We have one more design inspiration for traditional main doors, but with a touch of modernity.

Here, the motif is kept simple but it contrasts well with the dark wood finish door.

Don’t miss the niche on top for a traditional door bell. It’s a beautiful touch merging old sensibilities with new aesthetics.

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7. With An Ulta-Modern Look

entrance door design

Here’s an ultra-modern inspiration for main doors that replaces ornamental patterns with matrix-style geometric design.

The warm and earthy palette balances the contemporary nature of the design, making it still suitable for Indian homes.

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