6 Unique Bedroom Wall Paint Colours That Work for Indian Homes

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It’s 2018! It’s time we go beyond the powder blues, whites, beiges and pinks that we’ve safely been using in India all this while as bedroom wall paint colours.

Now we’re not suggesting that you go completely bold. We’re here to tell you that there exist shades that you can totally pull off in your bedrooms without looking too bold or whacky. The best part is that these shades actually suit Indian design sensibilities and fit right into our modern homes and apartments.

So, let’s bust some preconceived notions, shall we?

Here are our 6 picks for bedroom paint colour ideas — you’ll love them!

1. Indigo

Blue is blindly trusted for the bedroom (thanks to its relaxing qualities). But it’s time to bring its warmer shade home. Indigo is rich and comforting, and actually very Indian in its appeal (many of our clothes have indigo dyes). In fact, it’s one of the best colours for bedroom walls. You could also try a close variant and go for a regal navy — it’s as brilliant.

indigo blue paint colour in bedroom
Interior Design by 1leapingfrog

How to use it: Your indigo wall is a perfect backdrop for rustic and earthy furniture. Not just that, traditional prints like ikat and kantha, and fabrics like jute and rattan look lovely in such a room. We’re loving the wooden half poster bed in the above room designed by 1leapingfrog. Don’t you?

If you want a look that’s striking, go for furnishings in deep yellow or orange. And if you want something more natural and easy-going, accents in white and brown look elegant — think ceramic vases, vintage lamps and paintings framed in brown, like in this room designed by blogger Vidya of What’s Ur Home Story.

navy blue bedroom
Interior Design and Photography by What’s Ur Home Story

Get this paint colour:

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2. Pear Green

A happy colour, pear green is one of the best bedroom paint colours if you want to wake up in a good mood — every day. It’s a yellowish green that has anyway made its way to Indian homes through furniture like the Urban Ladder chairs and Pepperfry sofas. So why not take it to the next level?

green bedroom wall paint colours
Image: Courtesy Erinn Valencich

How to use it: If you find this shade too playful, tone it down by incorporating elements in elegant shades like ash greys or crepe pinks. Defining straight lines in the room in black gives the room dimension, while chevron or geometric patterns look stunning. You could also add finishing touches with copper accents.

green bedroom wall paint colour
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional DPA Design

Get this paint colour:

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3. Burgundy

Not liking the red on your wall? That’s because you’re missing out on its better cousin — burgundy. Burgundy, or even wine, are fantastic colours for the bedroom, especially if you love something dramatic and intense. Yet your room will give off cosy vibes.

burgundy bedroom at taru villas
Image: Courtesy Taru Villas

How to use it: Since burgundy is in itself an exciting colour shade for the bedroom wall, keep everything else muted. Go for neutral shades like whites, beiges, champagnes and greys. A white bedding or wall art framed in white will pop against your burgundy wall. For prints, choose dainty and smaller styles or go for stripes in black and white. Reflective accents like a sunburst mirror, copper chandelier or metallic table lamps would look gorgeous.

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burgundy wall colour in the bedroom
Image: Courtesy Taru Villas

Get this paint colour:

4. Amber yellow

Yellow in the bedroom? Like we said, it’s 2018! Plus, just like indigo, amber is such an Indian colour. We’re surprised that it’s hardly seen in the bedrooms, when it’s all over our kitchens and living rooms. Warm and uplifting, it’s a gorgeous hue that will correct your mood if you wake up from the wrong side of the bed.

yellow bedroom wall paint colour

In fact, even the Asian Paints ColourNext Colour of the Year 2018 Passion Flower (below) is an amber with undertones of gold and brown.

asian paints colour of the year passion flower

How to use it: Bring those greens in (and make your bedroom Insta-worthy)! An amber backdrop is your canvas for lots and lots of plants that will stand out against the stunning hue. Besides green, other colour combinations that complement are greyish purples, slate greys, navy and teal blues, browns and dull pinks. Again, use natural textures like wood, jute and linen as much as you can. Ikat prints, wooden flooring, woven cushions, terracotta accents — they all look amazing.

Get this paint colour:

5. Violet

Violet is stylish and luxurious, yet it has the personality to be playful. It’s a colour that turn things around in the bedroom and gives you the freedom to experiment with forms and designs.

purple bedroom by krsna mehta
Image: Courtesy Vogue

How to use it: While violet is traditionally used with greys and yellows, we suggest you go all bohemian, just like interior designer Krsna Mehta did with his bedroom (above). Hues of pink, blue and yellow find a comfortable place of their own, while patterns range from a grid-form on the blinds to multiple zig-zags on the rug to an ethnic bed cover. All these colours come together with such ease that it breaks the myth that multiple colours are only for the bold.

Get this paint colour:

6. Charcoal grey

If you remember our post on 15 kitchen designs from real Indian homes, you’d also remember us telling you that grey is no longer boring! It’s the same with bedrooms. If used well, and paired with the right accents and colours, grey is a soothing choice for the master bedroom. The key is to allow the other colours to work their magic as well, so that the dark shade of charcoal grey does not come off as depressing.

bedroom set-up by chumbak
Image: Courtesy Chumbak

How to use it: If you want a peaceful setting, put up white sheer curtains and throw across a white embroidered bed cover. However, if you want the ambience to be playful and striking, opt for accents and furnishings in complementing colours of orange, yellow, turquoise, teal, coral and fuschia, like in the above bedroom set-up created by Chumbak.

For something more sophisticated and traditional, indulge in intricately carved wooden furniture and accents — a colonial bed, side tables with tapered legs and a wall mirror with an unfinished frame.

grey bedroom wall paint colour
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Huzzpa

You can also soften up the grey with metallic accents like chandeliers and lamps. Opt for warm lighting that brings out the warmth of the grey furthermore.

grey bedroom wall paint colour
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Huzzpa

Get this paint colour:

So, what colour are you thinking of painting your bedroom wall?

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