10 Accent Wall Ideas for Indian Homes

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Accent walls aren’t for everyone. Or, are they? You don’t always need to go bold with your accent wall for it to make a statement. And painting a wall a bright colour is not the only way to get an accent wall!

There are 10 ways you can add an accent wall to your room that we found. Pick one of these to make your room look stunning!

#1: Bold Colour/ Texture Paint

The obvious way. If you want to resort to the old ways, the simplest task is to paint your wall a bold colour or an eccentric texture paint can seal the deal. A buoyant colour that adds personality and contrast to the room. Try to infuse the Pantone’s 2018 colour, ultraviolet, for a bright and trendy effect.

#2: Decals/ Wallpaper

Not keen on the same look throughout the years? Opt for a wall decal or a wallpaper so that you can peel them off to add something new. Here the opportunities are immense with bright florals to creative decals that can intrigue interest in your guests.

#3: Gallery Wall

A perfect way to display your love for the family with a gallery wall. You can choose any design or even make a family tree to display the beautiful memories you’ve made.

Learn the basics of how to make a gallery wall for your home.

#4: Artwork/ Murals

An art lover cannot find any better chance to flaunt their collection at home. A striking masterpiece can steal the show on a wall you want to accentuate. If you’re an artist then you can just use the wall to exhibit your skills through murals.

#5: Accent Pieces

You can also hang artefacts like made of metal, plastic or even create a design by arranging them symmetrically. You can find accent pieces in any store and they are easy to replace as well.

Check out Cyahi’s wall plates for an interesting look for your wall!

#6: Mirrors

Mirrors don’t just look dashing but also make the room feel spacious and airy. Add a mirror or a collection of them to pull off a glamorous look.

#7: Recycle household products

If you’re not keen on spending loads of money on an accent wall then you can always create something new. Use old cutlery or paint a plastic paper plate and hang them on the walls.  

#8: Enlarged pictures

Need to teach your kid geography? Probably an enlarged atlas can help them on their course. It also makes for a stunning accent wall. Even enlarged family portraits or pictures off the internet can give it that charm.

#9: Natural Elements

For the nature lovers, wooden laminates or stone cladding can be a safe haven. Also, an exposed brick wall works well to give it that rustic look!

#10: Chalkboard paint

For those with kids, scribbling on the wall may be a nightmare! But if you have a chalkboard painted wall then it can double as a canvas for you and your kid!

There are plenty of wall accents that give your home an instant uplift but all you need to do is think creatively.

Have you considered adding an accent wall to your home? Which idea did you use?

Featured image courtesy: Apartment Therapy

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