7 Stunning Patterned Flooring for Indian Homes

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Patterned flooring is all the rage this year! No matter which home magazine you pick, you’re bound to find an array of stylish patterned flooring ideas from cover to cover. While there are endless patterns to pick from, there are 7 we absolutely loved. They’re visually stunning and will lift your home to magazine-page-worthy! Have a look 🙂

  1. The Herringbone Pattern

    Image Courtesy: Decorpad

The zig-zag pattern is very adaptable. In fact, this is one room design idea that can be used from flooring to ceiling, to walls and even a backsplash. This design looks even better if your home has a staircase or balcony from where you can see the pattern in full view.

  1. The Galveston Pattern

    Image Courtesy: Pergo

This irregular rectangle clutter flooring style is becoming more and more popular and is so versatile that it can be used for a traditional or modern home design, depending on the material that is chosen. It is well outlined and looks beautiful as much in a hallway as it does in a bathroom.

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  1. The Checkerboard Pattern

Image Courtesy: Domino

Two-coloured stones that are set either straight or in a diagonal are the most used pattern flooring style. The elaborate square-design and contrast make it eye-catching. There’s no room in your home this style would not look good in. It could transform a space into one that commands attention!

  1. The Basketweave Pattern

    Image Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Resembling the texture of a basket, the basketweave pattern is classy and very easy to install despite its complex-looking flooring design. Instead of opting for the standard black and white combination, you can go for different hues to give your floor a vibrant look.

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  1. Moroccan Patchwork Pattern

    Image Courtesy: Remodelista

Invite the spice of Moroccan decor into your home style. From simple floral designs to more complex geometric designs, Moroccan flooring is taking the interior design world by storm!

  1. The Harlequin Pattern

    Image Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

An absolute favourite in the kitchen, the harlequin patterned floor is a bold show-stopper in any house!

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  1. Ikat Pattern

Image Courtesy: Decorpad

Ikat is everywhere these days – from your clothes to your floor! This pattern on flooring lends a dressed-up bohemian vibe that is visually appealing.

Flooring is that one room design element that is often overlooked in the creation of a home. There’s more to tiles than the tiles themselves. How you lay it out could change the mood and structure of the space. So why go for dull neutrals when there is a world of patterns to explore out there? 😉

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