6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Office Interiors

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The office is like a second home to most of us today. We do most of our hustling in the office, meeting deadlines, achieving goals, sharing meals with fellow employees, attending meetings, and when we can find the time, having some fun too! Interiors play a major role in setting the mood and ambience of a place. An office space, for what it represents today, should be artistic, edgy, warm, motivational and encouraging. Here are some interior design tips to spruce up your office and make it more inviting for yourself and your employees:

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1. Plants

Having plants in your office will lend it a more natural and relatable look, creating a soothing environment for your workers. Plants help you feel connected to the world outside, and especially to nature. Some indoor plants suitable for office spaces are palm, bamboo, island pine, philodendron, croton, umbrella tree, moister deliciosa, and false castor. Creeper plants like money plant, ivy, honeysuckle, sweet peas, and Russian vine are also great for the interiors. Indoor creepers need adequate support to help them grow like moss sticks, climbers, ropes and so on.

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2. Art Work

Good artwork adds to the aesthetics of a space, gives it character, and gives perspective to the observer. Having good pieces of art around the office space adds a sense of art and culture, beautifying the space at the same time. It generates intrigue in visitors and makes the interiors more memorable. Art can also be healing to some.

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3. Graphics

Posters and writings on the wall are a great way to create an engaging and interactive environment. There are many kinds of posters that you can paste or hang around your office. These include motivational and inspirational quotes, comical and lighthearted posters to add humour, peaceful symbols and photographs to reduce stress, and so on. Having posters with the organisation’s principles and objectives around the office is a great way to help workers remember and relate to the same.

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4. Interesting Cubicles

Ditch plain and drab cubicles, and make them warm and interesting. Invest in designing good looking cubicles with edgy design. Workers are more likely to look forward to coming back to their cubicles every day if they feel comfortable and happy in it.

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5. Attractive Meeting Rooms

Meetings can get intimidating and dreadful for some. It is extremely important to have an inviting meeting room. Meeting rooms should be well lit to help workers remain alert. Place pleasant smelling diffusers around the room for a fresh and calming ambience. Some ways in which you can spruce up the meeting room is with the help of plants, subtle artwork, fresh flowers, and coloured walls. Allow ample sunlight to enter the room.

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6. Beautiful Restrooms

Investing in good toilet interiors can help you earn brownie points with your employees, visitors and potential partners. There is a close correlation between having a beautiful toilet and attention to detail. Ignoring the toilet space can make the experience cringeworthy for your employees. Go for beautiful flooring, pretty photographs, plants and sweet smelling diffusers or potpourri to elevate the ambience of the toilet. A great toilet is sure to be well appreciated!

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