5 Worst Home Makeovers That Can Happen to You

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I have lived in rented accommodations all my life. Whenever I moved into some place new, my mind would always race to create a design in my head. How would I want this space? How would my room be? Is all the space being utilised? And until I get into my own place (hopefully that should be soon!), I can learn my lessons and get inspired. For every great home design, there is that “Oh freak! Who died here?” space.

Let us have some fun with the worst home-make overs and know the reasons why they are that. The ‘why’ is to learn our lessons from it, while the ‘what’ was not really fun for the home owners!

Here’s why:

Beach house

Source: curbed.com
Source: curbed.com

When this couple communicated their love for beach holidays to their interior decorator, little did they know that their living room will be turned into a beach! Soaking the sun and hearing the calm lull of the sea is an ideal place to be, but having the beach sand in your living room and the walls painted as a cabana that could make anyone claustrophobic.


Our interior experts share their views, “My god! Imagine cleaning that! What could have been done was the use of natural light in the home to give the sunny effect. Interiors can be modified to bring in more light than there usually is in a house. The use of whites and blues as colours and also little trinkets like sea shells, sand timers, corals etc. would add immensely. One can also opt to make the child’s (or your own room) in a theme like a sailor or the boat. This would have made the interiors creative and classy.” We agree!

Bold and not so beautiful

Source: Trading spaces
Source: Trading spaces

“I want my house to make a statement”, said the owner and he got a statement that made it to this list! Not only was the usage of prints jarrings but also the all red interiors. Our expert shares, “Bold prints look great when balanced with empty spaces or contrasting interiors. I for one recommend bold prints in places like cafes, restaurants and eateries and not home. But every home should reflect a part of you. This one my have, but it was certainly not subtle! You don’t need a house that says to others- ‘this is mine!’, it should be welcoming to your loved ones too.”

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The house of horrors

Source: reddit.com
Source: reddit.com

I for one love thrillers and horror movies. But I will certainly not make my house designed on that theme! Imagine living in a place which has bloody cloth and artefacts hanging about. Has a skeleton falling out of the cupboard and to top it all, has blood red colour on the walls. Need our experts even tell you what is wrong with this?

Green- the colour of money wasted

Source: Creativepro.com
Source: Creativepro.com

I wonder what the brief was for this design. Perhaps to add more greenery in the house. But all I see is overdose of wallpapers, the colour green and that lobe plant in the corner blocking the window of the room-access to greenery!

Need space?


Now this one, compared to all of the designs above, may seem like the best makeover your home can have! But our experts tell you why it is indeed the worst, “The rest of the designs come across as a result of bad understanding of the client’s needs and can be fixed. But this one is just pure design sense that any good architect should have. People will more often not realise what is wrong with this room or if they do, they won’t know how to fix this. This room is small, use of mirrors on one wall would have made it bigger. The beds seem like those for kids, so one can go with bunk beds to create more space. The tiles on the floor and that lone red wall should go! There is no natural light in the room and a window would have made a huge difference”

We hope you don’t make the same mistakes and go for advice from our interior designer from Urban Company! Go for a home that you can relate and where your loved ones feel at home too.

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