5 Home Decor Ideas for Autumn in India

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Autumn marks the onset of happiness and festivities in India. Our experience of autumn is different from other parts of the world. Early autumn comes as a blessing in the form of light showers, relieving us from the scorching summers. Late autumn rewards the farmers with a great reap of fruits. Flowers are in full bloom and the festivities are right around the corner. It is a great time to revamp your interiors and with slight improvisation and additions to your home, you can enjoy the spirit of autumn even inside your home.

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1. Dried Flora & Fauna

Make use of dried flowers and leaves from your garden or you can purchase faux flora and fauna from interior decor stores. You can wrap leaf strings around your curtain rings. Make dried wood or rope rings for your candles adorned with golden leaves, dried or faux berries and so on. Replace flowers in your vases with autumnal flowers such as chrysanthemums, hibiscus, lilies, dahlias and so on. Again, you can go for fresh or faux flowers depending on what you prefer.


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2. Candles

Candles are a favourite all the year round, but around autumn, they are a must for your interiors. Go for coloured candles in earthy tones of dark red, rust, orange, browns and so on. Flavours like spicy pumpkin and cinnamon are perfect for the season. Imagine sipping your cuppa of cinnamon flavoured hot chocolate while enjoying the sweet scent of pumpkin in the favourite corner of your home. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

3. Throws & Cushions

The weather starts getting cooler in the autumn months. It is time to start cozying up your interiors and making your home autumn friendly for friends and family. Bring out your cushions and place them around your furniture like sofas and chairs. Go for autumnal colours when picking your throws and cushion covers. Feel free to throw in some bronze and golden metallics for a festive touch.

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4. Rugs

Floors can start feeling colder as autumn steps in. Bring out light rugs and place them in areas such as below your centre table, beneath the dining table and so on. Rugs make an environment cozy and feel really warm and fuzzy to the feet. Stick to earthy colours to keep up with the autumnal theme. Avoid very dark colours as they are more suitable for the winters.

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5. Baskets

Autumn is a season of plenty in India. Place baskets in different shapes and sizes around your house filling them with whatever you fancy. Some examples are scented potpourri, dried flowers, and leaves, fresh fruits and treats. Hang them by your kids’ bedside or place them on the dining table for your family and friends to enjoy.

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