5 Easy Hacks to Spruce-Up Your Home

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When it rains, it pours. Which is literally what is happening outside in most parts of India. It is dark and damp outside, but that doesn’t mean your home can’t be warm, cosy and bright! Discovering creative things in your travels or purchasing things from that new place your friend suggested for your home, can prove to be heavy on your pocket. Instead we suggest these easy hacks that guarantee to spruce up every part of your house. Not only are they affordable, but they are also unique. They will give your home an edge over all the others that have been designed using expensive memorabilia.

Our team of interior decorators suggest some amazing and affordable ways for every part of your house

For the entrance or the rooms

Door strings act as a colourful gateway to your house or your rooms. This easy to make door string made from unfunctional (or even new) bulbs is an easy and a fun hack to create. The colour patterns can be changed keeping in mind the colour of your walls or the interiors of your room. Every element used to make this door string can be bought at any stationary store.

For the living room or kitchen


Quirky utensils make for colourful centrepieces in your living room, or add that dash of bright colour in your kitchen. Use colourful tea sets, serving plates and creative serving trays that make people take notice. Place your kitchen containers in such a way that they are colour coordinated. You can also have one wall painted with a brighter shade in your kitchen. Quirky utensils and colourful containers are available online at an affordable price.

For the study or window sills

The pitter patter of raindrops on your windows can be music to your ears when you are in your favourite cosy corner of the house. They can also be delightful to the eyes and a welcome distraction while you are reading a book. Add these easy to make vases on your windows to make a rainy day brighter.

For the bathroom


Ladder shelves are popular in houses with less space. They help store books and also make for a creative showcase. They can also be super handy in the bathroom. Hang your linen and towels on these ladders. You can also paint them to give the elegant look or the creative edge.

 For your balcony or garden


Tires can be found outside a mechanic shop, a petrol pump or in your garage, for free! Using a soapy spray, wash and rinse the tires thoroughly before use. This helps in degreasing the tire before use. Use a fast drying paint of your choice and paint the tires inside and out. By placing mud inside the portion with the gap in a tire, plant your favourite saplings and hang them on the walls. Voila! You have yourself a recycled tire for a creative planter.

Hope these simple hacks help you spruce up your home. Whatever be the weather outside your house, your home will always be brighter. And, if you need a professional to help you give your home a makeover, we know the best interior designers in town!

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