11 Pinterest-Worthy Ways To Style Your Coffee Table

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Coffee table and hardcover books used as coffee table decor

Most of us use our coffee table when there’s a snack or hot beverage that needs to be put down. But we don’t buy coffee tables just for their practical value. We ponder and analyse and research designs till we find the perfect one.


Because it lies in the centre of the seating area!

So while you may have bought the perfect coffee table (or are using the one your in-laws already had), there’s an art to styling it.

Whether you have gorgeous coffee table books, eclectic souvenirs and fancy trays, or basic plants, vases and paperback novels, there are some easy styling tips to make your coffee table look beautiful & balanced.

Don’t just throw things on randomly, pick some of these coffee table styling ideas and get a Pinterest-worthy living room!

1. Create A Grid

How to decorate your Coffee Table - make a grid

When you have a large coffee table, you need to know where to begin from. Start from small knick-knacks and form a grid and position objects within the squares. This will also help you in compartmentalizing your style and not make the surface look cluttered.

2. Add Seasonal Items

Way to style your coffee table according to the month: add seasonal flowers & colours

Your coffee table is the focal point of your living room and it is a great place to experiment around with seasonal decorative items. For example, add orchids during spring time, seashells and a stack of books for the summer and an orange mat during autumn months.

Vinushka, a real home owner, follows this every summer:

I’ve decorated my coffee table fairly simply – 2 coffee table books, a vase of artificial flowers I bought from Chumbak and a big scented candle. Come April, I replace the coffee table books with my summer reading list as my living room serves as a relaxing reading area.

3. Maintain The Highs And The Lows

Easy way to decorate your coffee table: vary the height of decorative accents

If all of your decor accessories on the coffee table are on an even level it does not get noticed. To make it eye-catchy, create degrees in heights that will also help you make vignettes.

4.  Three Is Company

Coffee table decor items placed in bunches of 3
The eternal rule of 3

Well, the age-old rule of threes comes in handy when decorating your coffee table which is round or oval in shape. It not only fills up the surface in an aligned manner but also makes the entire space appealing.

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5. Play With Colours

Colourful trays, flowers and items: an easy way to decorate your coffee table

Play with colours on your coffee table. You could even paint it if you favour bold colours, mostly because it is also the focal point of your living room. For dark woods, use metallic items for decor accessories.

If these options sound loud for you, go for table trays in bright or bold colours or pick some bright-hued items.

6. Choose Your Side

An easy idea to make your coffee table look like a designer styled it: place everything to one side

Sometimes you could also play the trick of accessorizing one side of the table and leaving the other half empty or maybe just place a large vase on it. This would help you to keep the area clutter-free and keep space for friends and family to play games on it.

7. Go Green

House plant to decorate a coffee table

Sometimes a simple houseplant could do the trick. Place a houseplant over a stack of books in the centre and you are good to go!

8. Use A Tray

Ceramic tray, transparent vase and glass cookie jar - some things to decorate your coffee table with

For both practical as well as styling purpose, showcasing a tray over a coffee table with tabletop items on it can give structure and symmetry to a coffee table.

9. Be Playful

Board games and travel knick knacks to create an interesting coffee table look

You could also place a game board on the centre of your coffee table to help your guests break the ice and make it an entertaining space of the house every time someone visits your place. Place a vintage board game, or even a couple of old wine bottles with a fine wine glass or two to add some sophistication to space.

10. Pick One

Place just a single prominent item like a vase: How a minimalist styles a coffee table

If the idea of decorating your coffee table with knick-knacks looks like a task for you try placing one large item over it to give a minimalist approach.

11. Make It Personal

Coffee table styled with a vintage vibe - old style table fan, vintage clock and some artificial potted plants

Your coffee table is after all a unit in your personal space so why not showcase an old watch that has been passed on from generations in your family or an exotic decor piece you got from a memorable vacation.

Karishma, a real home owner, shares:

We have a super small TV (as big as a tiffin-box!) that my father-in-law had bought back when he lived in Kuwait 30 years ago. I placed that with a vintage camera on our marble-top coffee table to give it a unique look!

We hope these tips on how to decorate your coffee table help you de-clutter it and make it look inviting. After all, the coffee table is the hub of all social activities in your living room!

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Do you have a favourite coffee table accessory? How did you style yours?

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