10 IKEA Sofas That Are Perfect for Small Indian Homes

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Ikea on your mind? This post lists our favourite Ikea sofa sets, so that you find it easier to zero in on one for your Indian home. Most are surprisingly affordable too!

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(This is not a promotional post.)

(In India, IKEA products can only be bought at their Hyderabad store at present.)

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Let’s face it, small homes in India have suffered from limited design options — but not anymore.

Say goodbye to bulky, difficult-to-maintain, conventional designs in sofas. Thanks to Ikea India and Ikea furniture, you can now experiment with many styles and personalise your living room with fun, versatile and absolutely gorgeous sofa options.

The Sweden-brand’s understanding of the Indian market is spot on too!

  • Sofas with hidden or add-on storage options! (Yup, your mom will be thrilled.)
  • Most covers are removable and machine washable!! (More brownie points from mom.)
  • Plus, unique Ikea sofa beds that can transform rental homes.

Here are 10 Ikea sofa sets your compact Indian home will love:

1. Flottebo Sofa

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Day bed, recliner, work spot, guest bed… we like our sofas to be a multi-functional space.

Whether casually reclining and chatting with family or friends, or leaning on it while working on your laptop, you can do it all on the Flottebo sofa bed. It’s the Swedish answer to our beloved divan and we love the modern touch.

ikea india sofa

Movable, loose cushions make it easy to adjust the seat depth and the back support. An anti-slip material prevents the cushions from sliding.

Remove the cushions and bring out the bed linen from the large storage space under the seat, and voila! It’s a comfortable and spacious bed now.

Add-ons: SIGNUM holder with KOPPLA power socket and FLOTTEBO side table.

Price: Rs. 41,990

Design Tip: White or pastel Ikea sofas are perfect for small spaces! Just opt for washable covers.

2. Fyresdal Sofa

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Industrial chic is all the rage now. Minimalist and easy to maintain, the Fyresdal sofa is just the free-standing chaise lounge you need for small living rooms.

Expect Ikea to create a classic, powder-coated, steel frame sofa that not only looks elegant but is also versatile and pulls out as a double bed.

Ikea recommends stuffing quilts and pillows in large cushion covers, giving you both storage and comfortable back support for this lounge.

Add-ons: Create storage space under the bed with RÖMSKOG bed boxes.

Price: Rs. 14,990

Design tip: Pair steel frame Ikea sofa sets with lots of indoor plants and quirky printed cushions for a bohemian feel.

3. Söderhamn Sofa

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Place this Söderhamn 3-seat sofa in a corner and you get an illusion of space.

Visually charming (and available in four colours), the inviting and open-feel sofa is designed for comfort, with a slight, pleasant resilience from the elastic weave in the bottom and high resilience foam in the seat cushions.

Ethical shoppers can rejoice because the cotton in Ikea products comes from sustainable sources — either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilisers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.

Price: Rs. 46,000

Design tip: Low or partial armrests coupled with open base make living rooms appear bigger.

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4. Lycksele Murbo

ikea sofa bed

Another brilliant pick for rental homes, the Lycksele Murbo sofa bed has such a youthful vibe. Its simple yet firm foam mattress has been designed for use every night and is big enough for two. The top layer of high resilience foam moulds according to your body, so that you are not compromising on style or sleep.

Keep multiple cover options handy — printed or solid – and liven up the space each time. Both the mattress and covers can be removed and washed.

Price: Rs. 22,990

Design tip: Opt for minimal furniture around Ikea sofa bed designs that have more depth. A sleek lamp, rug, and wall hung furniture work best.

5. Klippan Sofa

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Add a fun vibe to the living room with this printed sofa.

An Ikea favourite since the 1980s, Klippan is a 2-seat Ikea sofa but it is almost 6 feet wide. You can choose from quirky prints like Mattsbo multicolour (above) or solid colours (nine options in total). 

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ikea products

Durable metal springs and 100% cotton covers ensure this sofa is light and comfortable.

Price: Rs. 17,990

Design Tip: Sofas with an open base are ideal than boxy sofas.

6. Karlstad Sofa

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Small spaces can look sophisticated and contemporary too with the elegant and classic vibe of the grey Karlstad sofa. The contrast from the solid wood legs completes the minimalist look.

Picture this Karlstad sofa along with a colourful, large modern painting and you will have a winner of a space!

Price: Rs. 29,990

Design Tip: If your sofa isn’t too sleek, pair it with glass tables and minimal yet statement decor.

7. Knopparp Sofa

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Rental homes say YES to this gorgeous and affordable-as-crazy Knopparp sofa! Designer Nike Karlsson has used the same technology as in trampolines for this Ikea sofa set, creating a lightweight, comfortable padded cover that uses less materials – which is obviously good for the planet!

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What’s more, this entire piece is easy to transport by yourself since the packaging is just over one metre in height and weighs 17 kg. (If only Ross knew about this sofa. Pivot no more!)

Price: Rs. 6,990

8. Hemlingby Sofa

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What if you always preferred a leather-style sofa but think your house isn’t big enough for it? Ikea’s Hemlingby is a good option for you.

Available in dark brown or black, it has small, neat dimensions (width 145 cm) that can be furnished with a lovely throw and vibrant carpet.

Unlike other sofas, the cover is fixed but it can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Price: Rs. 14,990

9. Nyhamn Sofa

ikea sofa bed india

With no armrests and a generous open base, the simplicity of the Nyhamn sofa bed is suited for small Indian homes.

ikea sofa bed online

Don’t be fooled by its sleek frame — it actually houses a storage under the seat. A simple click mechanism transforms the sofa into a spacious bed -– and you don’t even need to remove the cover.

Add-ons: Different cover options are available.

Price: Rs. 25,490

Design Tip: Simple sofa designs can look grander in bright colours or fun prints.

10. Vimle Sofa

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Can one introduce a lush sofa into a compact living room? The Ikea Vimle 3-seat sofa with an open end is the answer. You can scale the sofa in the future as your needs and family size grows.

Bonus point, the footstool has an extra storage space under the seat.

Price: Rs. 52,700

Design Tip: Scalable sofas allow you to customise the arrangement depending on the occasion.

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