How To Plan An Indian Wedding


If we were a movie, you would probably be married in a magical spectacle with billowing saffron drapes and golden singing birds. What doesn’t happen in a movie, however, is the planning for this vision of perfection. So, while you’ve probably seen innumerable movies with beautiful weddings, a complete guide to the planning of an Indian wedding is hard to come by and that is why, we’re here to assist you in planning your perfect Indian wedding.

The planning process for a wedding is simple when broken down to the very basics. Here’s a list of the basics that you need to consider when you begin thinking of planning your wedding.

1. The Budget
A budget of a movie decides the actors, locations etc that are used in it. Similarly, the size of one’s pockets is an important factor in deciding the kind of wedding one can pull off. Now that you’ve gotten engaged, its time to sit your family down for a frank talk and find out who is willing to contribute what, while asking your fiance to do the same with his family. Oh and don’t forget to peek at your savings too! Find out what you need to consider while deciding your budget.


2. The Venue
A movie set in Switzerland & a movie set in India, would each have their own pros and cons. The same ideology can be applied to a wedding venue – whether indoors or outdoors. All one needs to do is evaluate each choice against some key factors (they’re simple really). Indoors would mean privacy and insulation from any weather disturbances but at the same time, restriction of the available space. Hotels are a popular, if expensive, indoor venue choice.


An outdoor venue, on the other hand, means a lot of free space to set up buffet stalls, less hassle of setting up fans/ACs while being susceptible to weather disturbances and uninvited guests, and added costs of tents and lighting.


3. Are you hiring a wedding planner?
A movie may be directed by the lead actor/producer himself or, by a director who is actually paid for this job. In a wedding, the planning may be done by the bride, groom & their respective families or they could hire a professional – a wedding planner, for this job. As for the benefits? As we’ve said before, there are many, such as cost cutting due to the affiliations planners tend to have, as well being able to bring your every thought & desire to life, while you sit back and enjoy this lovely episode of your life. (Read more here.)

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone created this ethereal vision for your wedding?